Business Opportunity Center Teaches Participants Skills to Succeed

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Business Opportunity Center class graduation photo

Business Opportunity Center class graduation photo

Sergio Valencia came to El Centro de la Raza after hearing an interview on a local radio station about our Business Opportunity Center. He called Gricelda, our Asset Building Program Coordinator to register for our first eight week business development course. Sergio has been making homemade cheese for several years now and has a dream of turning this into a business. During the eight weeks, Sergio and the rest of the students learned the basics of finance, operations, and marketing for a small business. Sergio states “[the program] opened my eyes to how to start my business and I now know about marketing and finances”. During this time Sergio also learned about our Financial Empowerment Program.

During a meeting with Gricelda, Sergio shared with her that he needs a small business loan but does not have sufficient credit. Gricelda then scheduled him an appointment with our financial counselor. Sergio is currently building credit through a Lending Circle and plans to apply for a loan soon to help him purchase the machinery he needs for his business. “I learned a lot, how to start my business and now it’s made, all I need is credit but I joined a Lending Circle.” Gricelda continues to work with Sergio as we are getting closer to the grand opening of Plaza Roberto Maestas. Sergio will use our commissary kitchen to make his cheese to then be able to sell it to our community in Plaza Roberto Maestas.

Congratulations to Sergio for making great strides towards opening his own business! Donate to help people like Sergio achieve their dreams.