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Información Sobre los Cigarrillos Electrónicos

Aunque muchas personas piensan que “Vaporizar” es más seguro que fumar, una nueva investigación surgiere que cigarrillos electrónicos y cigarrillos tradicional están envueltos en aumentar el riesgo en cáncer de la vejiga. “Hemos sabido que fumando cigarrillos tradicional aumenta el riesgo de cáncer de vejiga, y dado que ha surgido de moda los cigarrillos electrónicos, es imperativo que descubramos cualquier vínculo potencial.” Dijo el doctor Sam Chang en un comunicado de prensa para la Asociación Americana de Urología. El Doctor Chang es un profesor de cirugía de urológico en Vanderbilt-Ingram Centro de Cáncer en Nashville.

La mayoría de la Nicotina inhalada es excretada en la orina. Para el estudio los investigadores compararon la orina de las personas que usan cigarrillos electrónicos a los que no fuman . Los investigadores vieron cinco químicos conocidos por causar cáncer de vejiga and que puede estar encontrado en el líquido de cigarrillos electrónicos. El Noventa y dos por ciento de las personas que usan cigarrillos electrónicos resultó positivo para dos de los cinco productos químicos . El autor del estudio también dicto que se necesitan hacer mas estudios para investigar el vínculo entre cigarrillos electrónicos y cáncer en la vejiga.
En un segundo estudio, los investigadores examinaron el efecto de nicotina en sus compuestos químicos –incluyendo nitrosaminas y formaldehido- en reparación del ADN en las células que recubren la vejiga. Los investigadores encontraron que cigarrillos electrónicos activan un daño cancerígeno al tejido de la vejiga. Vieron que la nicotina, nitrosaminas, y formaldehido daño mientras que bloqueaba de la reparación del ADN, asi aumentando el riesgo de cáncer.

En otro estudio separado, investigadores analizaron datos de más de 14,000 adultos con cáncer en la vejiga sobre tres décadas. El estudio comparo las tasas de supervivencia a 5 años de los que fumaron menos de una caja de cigarrillos o los que fumaron más. Los que fumaban demasiado estaba a un riesgo más alto de morir a los que fumaban menos. Los científicos notaron que si reducían por lo menos una cantidad menor ayuda a mejorar su supervivencia en pacientes de cáncer de la vejiga.

O para más información hable con:
Rocio Martinez (206) 973-4404
Damaris Amaya (206) 701-9654

A Message from Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union: Thrilled to be Your New Neighbors!

We are humbled that the Beacon Hill community has welcomed our new branch, located here at El Centro de la Raza, with open arms. Like El Centro de la Raza, Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union is dedicated to the prosperity of all communities, and we know that prosperity is only achieved when individuals feel empowered to make their financial dreams come true. That’s why we attained our Juntos Avanzamos designation and provide products, services, and education specifically tailored to meet the needs of the Latino community. We also offer bilingual services, citizenship loans and workshops, and frequently collaborate with non-profit organizations that support diversity and inclusiveness in our community. We are proud of our partnership with El Centro de la Raza and have high hopes for how it will transform and empower the Latino community for years to come.


Seventh Annual Roberto Felipe Maestas Legacy Award

Roberto Maestas’ life was dedicated to building the “Beloved Community”* through multi-racial unity. He deeply believed that poverty, racism and social inequity could only be eradicated if people of all races and backgrounds came together to do so.

In honor of Roberto and his legacy the Seventh Annual Roberto Felipe Maestas Legacy Award recognizes two individuals who have exemplified Building the Beloved Community through multi-racial unity and working to eliminate poverty, racism and social inequity.

Awardees will be celebrated with a $1,000 gift in their name to an organization of their choice. They will be recognized at El Centro de la Raza’s 45th Anniversary Gala on Saturday, September 30, 2017 at The Seattle Westin.

Legacy Award applicants can self-nominate or be nominated by someone else. Awardees are asked to participate in a video interview and attend El Centro de la Raza’s Building the Beloved Community Gala.

The deadline for application submission is Monday, April 17th at 5 PM Pacific Time. Click here for an application form.

Reaffirming Our Status as a Sensitive Location for All Immigrants

El Centro de la Raza was founded in 1972 in the old Beacon Hill School as an organization dedicated to building the Beloved Community in Seattle.  Forty-five years later, El Centro de la Raza has become an indispensable community and convening center for all people, but particularly those in the Latino community.

We provide human and emergency services including a food bank, infant mortality prevention for pregnant women, and homeless assistance.  Our asset building programs include financial education, foreclosure counseling, job training, and bilingual/ESL classes.  Our housing and economic development includes the Plaza Roberto Maestas, which features 112 affordable housing units, in addition to several other housing locations in Seattle that offer another 18 units of affordable and low-income units.  In 2016, over 10,000 households took advantage of El Centro de la Raza’s services, and over 346 people were living on our properties.

But true to our roots, El Centro de la Raza has remained, first and foremost, a school.  Our world renowned José Martí Child Development Center provides bilingual and multicultural preschool curriculum to children aged 1-5.  Our after school program tutors elementary students aged 5-12.  Middle schoolers take advantage of our summer school program.  Our Roberto Maestas Youth Leadership Institute helps address the opportunity gap in K-12 education by empowering a cohort of 30-40 Latino youth in King County to grow as leaders.  And our college readiness program helps middle- and high-school students in Seattle create a post-secondary education plan with one-on-one support.  Those are just a few of the many programs we offer to help educate babies, toddlers, youth, and young adults.

But the vulnerable communities El Centro de la Raza serves are in grave danger as the federal government has threatened to implement draconian immigration policies that could tear families apart.  The young children in our preschool are worried and nervous that their parents might not come home.  Undocumented students who have grown up in this country are afraid of being sent back to a place they have never known.

While our Beloved Community has been shaken with fear and trepidation, our resolve has not wavered.  For nearly half a century, El Centro de la Raza has been a pillar in the Seattle community, a place for all people to convene, learn, and get the help they need without fear of being taken away from their families.

We therefore reaffirm that for purposes of immigration enforcement policy, El Centro de la Raza is a sensitive location, like any other school.  As with other sensitive locations, such as hospitals and churches, we expect federal authorities not to conduct immigration raids on any of our properties, including our housing developments (which themselves offer after-school programs and other educational services).

El Centro de la Raza has a moral responsibility to the community we serve.  We will vigorously defend the rights of our people, and nonviolently resist any attempt to target El Centro de la Raza with immigration enforcement raids.  From this point forward, we will have attorneys onsite or on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to ensure that our community is protected.

El Centro de la Raza will always remain a place where families can receive information and resources in a safe and welcoming place.  We call on local, state, and federal leaders to recognize El Centro de la Raza’s unique and special role in the Seattle community as a school and gathering place for all people.

Since 1972 we have worked together to build a Beloved Community in Seattle.  We will do everything we can to defend our Beloved Community from those who would threaten our values of love, nonviolence, and inclusion.


Estela's Signiture

Estela Ortega
Sensitive Location for Immigrants

Travel Ban and Immigration Restrictions

Our communities have been put in grave danger by the new executive order put in place by Donald Trump last week. Refugees, students, visitors, and legal permanent United States residents with green cards were stopped in airports across the United States, some being blocked from entering.

The Seattle-Tacoma International Airport was one of the places where up to 13 people were held in detention, and over a thousand people came to protest and show their support.

Although the administration is calling this a “travel ban,” it is unmistakeable that this policy directly and inhumanely targets the Muslim community. We stand with the Muslim community, and will continue to fight together against unjust policies.

It is clear that the new administration will continue to target immigrant and refugee communities. Please be aware that there may be new orders that focus on deporting immigrants who seek public assistance and social services: read more here.

It is important for everyone to know their legal rights when encountering immigration or other officers. For more resources on your rights in different situations, click here or here for information in Spanish and here for English. Children often have unique legal situations and rights: information in Spanish and in English can help families with children who are facing different immigration-related issues.

kyr infocard
To listen to a legal interpretation in English of the new executive order and what it means for immigrant families, see the video from Colective Legal del Pueblo below, or the video from Northwest Immigrant Rights Project for Spanish. Please note that both of these videos were filmed last week on January 27th, and information may have changed since then.
Colective Legal vid 2NWIRP Jorge Baron vid
Left: Sandy Restrepo, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Colectiva Legal del Pueblo in Burien, WA.
Right: Jorge Barón, Executive Director of Northwest Immigrant Rights Project in Seattle, WA.

At El Centro de la Raza, we are fighting back. After our Know Your Rights Workshop in January, we discussed arrest and detention processes with over 120 attendees, but many had specific questions that needed to be addressed one-on-one. We will be hosting another free bilingual legal clinic next week on Wednesday, February 8th from 6 PM – 8 PM at El Centro de la Raza with volunteery attorneys from the Law Office of Schroeter Goldmark & Bender and the Latina/o Bar Association of Washington.

To support El Centro de la Raza’s mission of bringing justice, equality, dignity, and freedom to all people, please consider donating to help us create a program to provide support for immigration issues and address other needs that may arise due to the unpredictable administration. This may include case management, legal referrals, and know your rights training. To designate your donation to immigration support, write in “immigration support” in the Program Designation field.


Job Openings at El Centro de la Raza

El Centro de la Raza’s current job openings are listed below. Job Announcements:

Summer Learning Program Positions:

AmeriCorps Positions:

Beacon Hill Environmental Health Collaboration Project Positions:

If you are interested in any of these positions, please contact Shannon Armstrong, Human Resources Administrator at or (206) 957-4626.

Plan your next meeting or event at our new Centilia Cultural Center

Now open! Seattle’s newest event space is call The Centilia Cultural Center! The Centilia Cultural Center is perfect for Quinceañeras, Conferences, Birthdays, Meetings, and more. The Centilia Cultural Center boasts a location right next to the light rail station, state of the art audio/visual equipment, amazing multicultural artwork, and seating for up to 207 people. Book Centilia Cultural Center for all of your upcoming events! Please contact Ramiro Reyes at: or 206-973-4298 for details and reservations.

Enroll your child now at our Child Development Center at Hirabayashi Place!

A new child development program is open at Hirabayashi Place! The research-based curriculum uses the latest research in early childhood development to provide the highest quality kindergarten readiness program possible. The children participate in multicultural activities, social justice activities, and are involved in the community. Private pay, DSHS and DHHS subsidies are accepted. Hirabayashi Place is located at 4th Avenue and Main Street in the International District. To enroll your child, please call (206) 957-4606 or email

Hirabayashi Chinese Sept 2016_Page_1

Hirabayashi English Sept 2016_Page_1

Hirabayashi Spanish Sept 2016_Page_1


El Centro de la Raza is honored to be one of the Seattle Pride Parade Grand Marshals

Seattle Pride Parade

El Centro de la Raza is honored to have been chosen as a parade grand marshal for the 2016 Seattle Pride Parade. Seattle Pride President Eric Bennett stated, “El Centro de la Raza has exemplified the concept of serving the community. We are thrilled to announce them as a Grand Marshal for the 2016 parade.” Other grand marshals will be the Seattle Area Support Group and Dennis Coleman of the Seattle Men’s Chorus. Mark your calendars now for Sunday, June 26th for the 2016 Seattle Pride Parade, starting at 4th Avenue & Union Street at 11:00 AM. The theme of the 42nd annual Seattle Pride Parade is the “Future of Pride”, to honor all those who continue to fight for equality. Read the announcement here. Photo from

Roberto Felipe Maestas Award Application

RFM Legacy

Legacy Award Application 2017

Nominations are now being accepted for the sixth annual Roberto Felipe Maestas Legacy Award to be presented at the 2017 Building the Beloved Community Gala. The deadline to apply is Monday,  April 10th, 2017 at 5:00pm Pacific Time. The Legacy Award recognizes two individuals who have exemplified Building the Beloved Community through multi-racial unity and are working to eliminate poverty, racism and social inequity. Application available here.