our project results & air/noise pollution discoveries.
what near-airport cities are doing.
more airplane flights that are coming!!!
1660 S Roberto Maestas Festival St
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El Centro & EPA Collaborative Problem-Solving CA 01J27101

  • The City of Seattle has funded our request for $138,611 for a Beacon Hill quantitative UW Air & Noise Study

    The City of Seattle has funded our request for $138,611 for a Beacon Hill quantitative UW Air & Noise Study

    Great News!!! The City of Seattle has fully funded our request for $138,611 for a Beacon Hill quantitative UW Air & Noise Study and $20,000 translation/interpretation. The study will be conducted by Dr. Edmund Seto and Dr. Tim Larson, helping us meet one of our major Community Action Plan goals...Read More

  • Input to EIS Scoping for SeaTac Facilities Expansion

    We requested SeaTac to include in its airport expansion EIS (environmental impact statement): 1) an assessment of the impacts on human health and the environment, 2) a review of Beacon Hill’s eligibility for mitigation because of the flight and landing paths are fixed over Beacon Hill that makes it a “vertical” fence..Read More

  • Please Attend Airport Master Planning Public Meeting

    PLEASE ATTEND AIRPORT MASTER PLANNING (SAMP) EIS SCOPING PUBLIC MEETING Wednesday 5:30 to 8:30 pm September 12, 2018 New Holly Gathering Hall TELL them your air and noise experience in Beacon Hill TELL them less, not more airplanes over Beacon Hill TELL them to include in the SAMP Planning what..Read More

  • Beacon Hill Air & Noise Pollution Community Meeting

    NOISE CONFERENCE 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, July 21, 2018 Centilia Cultural Center 1660 South Roberto Maestas Festival St, Seattle 9:30 Registration, Refreshment 10:00  Welcome and Hello Neighbor 10:10  Community Empowerment Grant Announcement 10:15  Report Back on Community Noise Measurements Beacon Arts “Blue Sky Trails” Troy Abel re Cleveland..Read More

  • Earth Day Action: Blue Sky Trails

    Earth Day Action:  Blue Sky Trails

    Each time an airplane flew by, Beacon Arts activist artists stenciled an airplane shape and noted the time and noise level that was up to 70’s well above the Seattle max of 55 decibels and FAA max of 65. Come join them at El Cinco De Mayo, June 2 Beacon..Read More

  • May 19, 2018: Work Party

    COME VOLUNTEER WORK PARTY !! RETOOL 50 BOX FANS FOR BEACON HILL LOW-INCOME KIDS & YOUTH WITH ASTHMA WHEN: 10 A.M. SATURDAY, MAY 19 WHERE: 3rd Floor El Centro de la Raza 2524 16th Avenue S, Seattle Easy assembly & repackaging of box fans to increase filter capacity. Bring gloves..Read More

  • Beacon Hill Food Forest Saturday 4/21, 10am to 2pm

    Beacon Hill Food Forest Saturday 4/21, 10am to 2pm

    Invite to 4-21-18 Noise Action Earth Day Action Beacon Hill Food Forest Saturday 10 am to 2 pm Blue Sky Trails Mural Project by Beacon Arts Each time a plane flies overhead, artists will stencil an airplane and note the noise level on the blue sky painting by Crick Lont...Read More

  • Community Meeting: March 17, 2018

    COMMUNITY MEETING 10 to Noon Saturday, March 17, 2018 Room 107, El Centro De La Raza 9:30 Refreshments 10:00 Welcome Neighbor 10:10 Beacon Hill Schools Air & Noise Levels MEJI MAPPS Project by Cleveland HS Environmental Club with Dr. Troy Abel 10:30 Beacon Hill Noise Study by Dr. Edmund Seto..Read More

  • Grants to Support Community Projects Now Available

    Create a neighborhood project! Obtain a $500 to $5,000 grant for a neighborhood project that addresses our air and noise pollution and health concerns.  Small projects can 1) educate our community, 2) give some noise relief, 3) measure our air and/or noise emissions, 4) plant more trees, 6) promote alternative transportation,..Read More

  • Implement at least 2 Actions


  • Seattle Magazine Article “Beacon Hill Experiences More Pollution Than Other Seattle Neighborhoods”

    Seattle Magazine Article “Beacon Hill Experiences More Pollution Than Other Seattle Neighborhoods”

    Our ofrenda eulogy to the loss of silence, peace and quiet due to air and noise pollution was covered by Seattle Magazine entitled “Beacon Hill Experiences More Pollution Than Other Seattle Neighborhoods”. themesfreedownload

  • Jan to Apr 2017: Inventory of Relevant Data and Studies

    Project Co-Coordinator for Technical/Data Inventory, Dr. Roseanne Lorenzana reviewed and compiled information and data related to air and noise pollution health impacts related to Beacon Hill. The information was organized by Project Co-Coordinator for Implementation Maria Batayola for presentation to the community. themesfreedownload

  • Launch Community Action Plan (CAP)

    Forty community and agency partners gathered at Centilia Cultural Center to brainstorm specific ideas to implement for the 8 areas in the Community Action Plan namely: 1) community education, 2) build organizing capacity, 3) change air routes to “give Beacon Hill noise relief”, 4) measure air and noise in Beacon..Read More

  • Air & Noise Ofrenda Exhibit

    Air & Noise Ofrenda Exhibit

    At our remembrance altar, Ofrenda, we “…mourn the loss of silence, peace and quiet at Beacon Hill.  We hope to do better for Beacon Hill.” This year, El Centro de la Raza’s 13th annual ofrenda (remembrance altar) exhibit is intended to “…honor all of those who fought to build bridges not walls..Read More

  • Analyzed input and prioritized Community Action Plan input


  • Community Education and Engagement

    The Project conducted 24 community meetings in Chinese, English, Somali, Spanish, Tagalog and Vietnamese and met with 467 people who live, work, play and/or pray in Beacon Hill to learn about air and noise pollution in Beacon Hill and find out what do we want to do as Beacon Hill..Read More

  • El Centro Receives EPA Grant

    EPA awards $120,000 Collaboration Problem Solving Grant to El Centro de la Raza.  Please see project description. (Source) themesfreedownload

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