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Indie Actions

  • SUBSCRIBE: Get EJ meeting notices, meeting summaries and calls for action.
  • DOWNLOAD: Print the Flight Path Poster and put it up on your yard or window.
  • DOCUMENT: Use your phone to video air/noise and post on FB  EJ Beacon Hill Seattle and Quieter Skies Task Force Seattle
    • With FAA Ombudsman. Call  206 267 3521 or click this link
    • With Port of Seattle. Call 206 787 5393 or click this link

Group Actions


  • EJ Meetings 10 a.m. 3rd Saturdays in Feb, Apri*, June, August*, Oct*, Dec.  Subscribe to get location and agenda.
  • National Environmental Policy Act Training in March.  Dates TBA.
  • UW Air & Noise Study Advisory Committee Meetings are open. Jan, Apr*, Aug*, Oct*.  Dates TBA.
  • Calls for Action.  TBA
  • (* Combined meetings)


Maria Batayola
EJ (Environmental Justice) Coordinator
296 293 2951

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