It does take a village to take care of the Beloved Community. Our team consists of:

Steering Committee
Provides project oversight and leadership, ensuring the timely completion of quality
o Estela Ortega, Executive Director, El Centro de la Raza
o Running Grass, EPA Environmental Justice Coordinator for Region 10
o Dr. Rana Amini, Health Advocacy Manager, Int’l Cmty Health Services (ICHS)
o Jill Mangaliman, Executive Director, Got Green
o Sunshine Monastrial, Planning, Development & Evaluation Manager, ICHS
o Diane Narasaki, Executive Director, Asian Counseling & Referral Service
o Kim Powe, Interim Deputy Director, Puget Sound Sage
o Erik Standford, Co-Chair, Quieter Skies Task Force of SE Seattle Beacon Hill
o Pradeepta Upadhyay, Executive Director, Interim Community Development Assn

Project Co-Coordinator for Implementation Maria Batayola, MA ABS, from December
2016 to September 2018.
Project Co-Coordinator for Technical/Data Inventory & Technical Panel Dr. Roseanne
Lorenzana, DVM, PhD, from November 2016 to June 2017.

Technical Panel
Ensures proper inventory of air and noise pollution information along with the related
public health issues from collated sources, reviews the training curriculum and

o Amy Laurent, Epidemiologist III, APDE, King County Public Health (KCPH)
o Sinang Lee, Educator Consultant III, Env. Health Svc. Div., KCPH
o Shirlee Tan, PhD, Program Project Mgr IV, Env. Health Svs. Div. KCPH
o Julie West, Prog. Project Mgr. IV, KCPH
o Katie Halse, Local Gov’t Relations Manager, Port of Seattle
o Erik Saganic, Air Resources Specialist, Puget Sound Clean Air Agency (PSCAA)
o Kathy Strange, Technical Analysis Manager, PSCAA
o Dr. Bill Daniell, Associate Prof. Emeritus, Env. & Occ. Health Sciences, Univ. of WA (UW)
o Tim Gould, Research, Civil & Environmental Engineering, UW
o Dr. Tim Larson, Interim Dept. Chair, Civil & Environmental Engineering, UW
o Esther Min, Graduate Student, Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences, UW
o Dr. Edmund Seto, Associate Professor, Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences, UW

Cross Culturally & Linguistically Competent Implementation Teams:

For Chinese-Speaking Residents of Beacon Hill
o Cacima Lee, Outreach & Recruitment Coordinator
o Rebecca Ip, Chinese Translator, Cantonese and Mandarin Interpreter
o Susan Lee, Advisor, VP of Lee Family Association
o Denise Sharify, Advisor, King County Public Health Educator

For Somali-Speaking Residents of Beacon Hill
Somali Health Board Subcontractor for outreach, recruitment, translation &
community meeting facilitation services.
o Jihan Rashad, Outreach & Recruitment Coordinator Role
o Community Meeting Facilitators from the Train-The –Trainers Pool

For Spanish-Speaking Residents of Beacon Hill
o Maria Batayola, Outreach & Recruitment Coordinator
o Paulina Lopez, Lead Community Meeting Facilitator, Duwamish River Clean-up Coalition
o 2nd Community Meeting Facilitator to be provided by DRCC
o Rosamaria Rosales, Translator

For Tagalog-Speaking Residents of Beacon Hill
o Roger Rigor, Outreach & Recruitment Coordinator
o Maria Batayola, Meeting Facilitator in Tagalog
o Lanvin Andres, Translator
o Sefie Cabiao, Retired Int’l Community Health Services Health Educator
o Sluggo Rigor, Executive Director, Int’l Drop-In Services

For Vietnamese-Speaking Residents of Beacon Hill
o Outreach & Recruitment Coordinator Kathryn Ly
o Thy Huynh and Vien Thy Nguyen, Community Meeting Facilitators
o Dan Le, Translator
o KimChau Nguyen, Advisor, Formerly with Neighborhood House
o Tammy Nguyen, Advisor, Got Green Project Organizer

o Christina Nguyen, Youth Focused Outreach & Recruitment Coordinator
o Maria Batayola and Rachel Shaffer, Community Meeting Facilitators in English
o Jasmine Leung, Intern for Data Management and Support

Graphics & Web Design
o Ryan Catabay, Designer, Drag & Drop Creative
o Tuyen Than, Project Manager, Drag & Drop Creative

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