Invite to 4-21-18 Noise Action Earth Day Action

Beacon Hill Food Forest Saturday 10 am to 2 pm

Blue Sky Trails Mural Project by Beacon Arts

Each time a plane flies overhead, artists will stencil an airplane and note the noise level on the blue sky painting by Crick Lont. Planes pass over our heads about every three minutes, so by the end we will have added about 80 planes to virtually blot out the sky.

Handouts will be given out on air and noise pollution on Beacon Hill, what folks can do to protect themselves, and contacts for anyone who would like to help with this effort. The long term goal is to influence the Port of Seattle and FAA to do an on-the-ground study and provide mitigation to Beacon Hill.

The Mural project will be at Kimball Art Walk April 27; Cinco De Mayo May 5; and the Beacon Hill Festival on June 2. All four murals will be displayed at the annual Pear-a-dise celebration at The Garden House on August 19.

Community Empowerment Grant Funding from El Centro & EPA CPS Grant CA 01J27101

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