10 to Noon Saturday, March 17, 2018
Room 107, El Centro De La Raza

9:30 Refreshments

10:00 Welcome Neighbor

10:10 Beacon Hill Schools Air & Noise Levels
MEJI MAPPS Project by Cleveland HS
Environmental Club with Dr. Troy Abel

10:30 Beacon Hill Noise Study by Dr. Edmund Seto

10:45 Community Empowerment Grant Awardees

10:55 Antioch Graduate Students Projects
Documenting Activists Who Came Before Us
Searching for a Shorter Project Name
Researching Air & Noise Data Online
Filming Personal Testimonials
Mitigation History

11:45 New Ultra Fine Particle Study
Dr. Edmund Seto

Noon Adjourn –
Next meetings 10 to noon May 19, July 21 & Sept 15.

(Separate Meeting: Updates on Other El Centro Efforts)

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