Hope for Youth Program Poetry – August eNews

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I Am From
By Elena Ruiz

I am from a rainy day in Seattle
cuddling in a warm blanket on the internet
I am from my grandma’s backyard and garden flowers and fruits
I am from my mom Patricia and her kind face
and from my dad Amancio with his cheesy nicknames, click
from my sister and her loving personality from my dog Cookie
And her energetic attitude

I am from my new ikea twin bed, viagra
the ten stuffed animals guarding me.
my small little Knick knacks on shelves and in boxes
and tons of colored pencils, crayons, and markers
I am from pozole, Mexican rice, tamales, carne asada,
Arroz con leche,and frijoles

I am from my aunt’s famous lasagna
and my mom’s AMAZING mac and cheese
I am from the classic vegetable green beans,
and the flavorful pepino y limón dish

I am from all the family gatherings at my aunt’s like
Christmas, Thanksgiving, Birthday’s, Easter,
Cinco de Mayo, and the 4thof July
I am from the phrase“Good Morning”
Even if it’s 7 in the afternoon

I am from the song “Sana sana colita de rana”
whenever I get a cut or bruise
I am from Halo, COD Black Ops, and COD Warfare
playing with my older cousins on the holidays
I am from playing Minecraft with my friends and
skyping having a good time
This is who I am.