Senior Program Participant Highlight

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Flavor Booker is a participant in our senior program, an active member of the “Enhance Fitness Program” exercising twice a week, and just celebrated her 98th birthday! Flavor’s grandson, Kyle Hill, recently started a business in response to his own family’s difficulty in finding a good caregiver for his grandma. His startup, HomeHero, pairs up caregivers and clients using a four step process, and aims to make the whole process much easier for those who need assistance. Kyle and his family are happy with the programs Flavor is a part of here at El Centro, and his father Anthony came to celebrate for her birthday.

Donate now to our senior program to play a part in giving seniors a place to participate in various social and educational programming, and click here to learn more about HomeHero.


(Pictured are Flavor Booker, her son Anthony Hill, Raquel García, and Jewel Howard)