State Supreme Court Rules Charter Schools Not to Receive Public Funding

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On September 4th, the Washington State Supreme Court ruled that charter schools were not categorized under “common schools” in the state constitution and therefore could not receive funding designated for Washington public schools. Alongside organizations such as Parents Across America and League of Women Voters, El Centro de la Raza protested the passing of Initiative 1240, which supported the building of charter schools in Washington based on funding set aside for public schools. Though a seemingly good idea to offer more choice in education, charter schools have much less regulation than public schools do regarding fairness in hiring, limit of work time for teachers, and education materials. Charter schools are able to be both started and run by a smaller amount of people than in public schools, which allows for less accountability in their educational practices. To read more about this topic, check out these links:
Parents Across America’s Statement:

The decision:

More commentary on the decision:|2015-09-10&utm_source=pnd&utm_medium=email

Court case regarding charter schools: