El Centro believes that only through civic involvement, grassroots organizing, and political and social activism will our community be able to effectively address the profound contradictions facing our world. We unite communities of all races, genders, ages and classes to fight for civil and human rights both locally and globally.

Plaza Roberto Maestas

Shaped by neighbors and future residents, and designed to promote community interaction and environmental values, Plaza Roberto Maestas will create and model a new standard for community-inspired, transit-oriented development in Seattle and around the country. Developed by El Centro de la Raza, this $45M development is a mixed-use affordable housing community planned in response to growing needs – specifically, a critical need for affordable housing, economic opportunities and job creation, early childhood development and education, and community gathering spaces. For more information and to learn how you can support this project, visit www.plazarobertomaestas.org.

Low-Income & Transitional Housing

Provides low-income housing through our multi-family, tax credit apartments, two transitional houses and one triplex located on Beacon Hill. Participants receive access to affordable, quality housing and are propelled toward self-sustainability.

Immigration & Civil Rights Advocacy

Provides advocacy and coalition building at all levels surrounding civil rights, human rights and immigration rights issues and policies with supportive community organizing efforts at social justice rallies, marches and other events.


Provides volunteer opportunities to the community and high school and college students required to fulfill service-learning hours for graduation. El Centro de la Raza is honored to have a diverse volunteer base to keep our programs sustainable and open to everyone in the community. We are also a court ordered community service site.

Social Justice & Cultural Events

Provides social justice and cultural events including Cinco de Mayo Celebration, 16th de Septiembre, A Tribute to las Américas Auction Banquet, Día de los Muertos Exhibit, graduation ceremonies for our child and youth programs, book and poetry readings, and other activities that promote cultural understanding and education.

Community Space

Provides space to rent for meetings and special events with seating capacities of up to 100 people. Art exhibits, theatre performances, wakes, baptisms, weddings, consulate activities, conferences, and trainings are scheduled six days a weeks, often months in advance. In addition, El Centro de la Raza is a voting site.

Commercial & Tenant Space

Provides commercial space available for lease to support independent and local business development. In addition, we are honored to have a diverse group of tenants in our historic building: Southwind Native Arts, Skin Deep dance Studio, CommuniChi Acupuncture Clinic, Excelsior Travel Agency, Cirqe, Homestead Community Land Trust, Global Visionaries, Children’s Home Society, Sojourner Truth/AMEN, Open Arms and PALS.

Economic Development

As El Centro de la Raza looks years ahead at the need for expansion – given the demographic trends and past growth record – we envision developing the south end of our property to meet our expansion needs. Located across the street from the Beacon Hill Light Rail Station, this development will allow us to expand existing services, create space for new services, add community meeting spaces, create options for affordable housing units, and opportunities to generate earned revenue through retail spaces and other business ventures.