Recap: Latino Legislative Day 2019

Speaker Chopp with El Centro de la Raza’s youth on Latino Legislative Day – Mar 18, 2019

On March 18, over 1,200 Latinos advocated for their community in Olympia as part of Latino Legislative Day. El Centro de la Raza organized 56 youth and individuals to speak to legislators in person about the community’s needs. We asked for support of our capital projects, including purchasing a building in Federal Way to expand programs and services to South King County, as well as on House Bill 1873 that intends to tax electronic cigarettes, electronic devices, and vape pens in the same way tobacco products are taxed. The experience was inspiring and motivating. A Chief Sealth High School senior expressed the desire to become a Senator one day, standing on the steps of the State Capitol after listening to Senator Rebecca Saldaña encourage students to achieve their dreams.

Recap: Senator Murray Held Press Conference in El Centro de la Raza’s Child Development Center to Champion #ChildCareForAll

Senator Patty Murray came to El Centro de la Raza on March 18 to advocate for working families the access to high quality, affordable child care. She explained the comprehensive bill and how her co-sponsors are making child care a budgetary priority. This bill would cap expenses for eligible families, pay child care providers a respectable wage, and expand child care access to all families. Parents could return to the workforce without exhausting their family’s financial resources. It is also predicted that young children would benefit tremendously from quality care because they spend more time in the classroom developing their brains.