Cheryl’s Story

As with all of us, the COVID-19 crisis has changed Cheryl’s life. Her last day of work was in March, and her position remains on standby. She is no longer receiving unemployment benefits but still needs to cover her living expenses. Cheryl is seeking a different job, where she would be using computer technology in her new role. She is grateful for the knowledge she has gained through El Centro de la Raza’s Unidos @ Work training program.

Cheryl’s primary motivation for enrolling in the Unidos @ Work course was to invest in her skillset. She wanted to increase her proficiency in using computer programs and the Internet. Now she feels more confident in her personal and professional life because of the skills she acquired throughout the course. She said her experience was amazing because she thought that the instructors were knowledgeable, educated, patient, and polite. They were always happy to answer any questions.

Cheryl is uncertain about what her future looks like because life has been unpredictable. Cheryl does know that she wants to work for a stable company with a remarkable reputable, thrive in a positive and professional work environment with growth opportunities, and make a difference in her community.