Chris’ Story

Chris Lally faced one barrier that stood in the way of his aspiration of becoming a restaurant owner. He had the passion, skills, and experience. He worked as a chef in restaurants across the country and globe. However, investing in a restaurant came at a steep cost.

The turning point was when Chris found the Business Opportunity Center (BOC) at El Centro de la Raza. He soon realized there was another path to becoming the entrepreneur of which he always dreamt. Chris attributes part of his success to the BOC’s Food Cart Vendor program, “Getting the help was really important to get to the finish line.”

His drive combined with the resources available at BOC made him an unstoppable force. He continued to build out his dream and secured funding along the way. When the time came a to roll out his vision, Outsider Pizza was born, and it was a success.

Throughout Chris’ entrepreneurial journey, he embodied perseverance. Dreams do come true. If you have the opportunity, come by Plaza Roberto Maestas to see Chris and grab a slice or two of pizza.