Cuentos from Our Work: March 2024

Business Opportunity Center – Celebrating Community Impact and Success Stories at El Centro de la Raza’s Business Opportunity Center!

On Thursday, February 22, we convened at our Business Opportunity Center to rally behind over 40 Latina women entrepreneurs in our community. Our aim was clear: to equip them with the tools and resources essential for igniting and nurturing their business ventures.

But the impact didn’t stop there! We delved into pivotal programs offered at El Centro de la Raza like the Unidos at Work Program, offering crucial technology job training. Additionally, our discussion on the Unidos in Finance Program illuminated pathways in financial management, including our Lending Circles Program, which provides safe methods for building credit and savings, among other vital services.

Our Business Opportunity Center took the spotlight, shedding light on the comprehensive support we offer, from obtaining business licenses and permits to navigating banking and marketing strategies.

Our dedication to fostering the success of Latina-owned small businesses remains unwavering. They are the backbone of our community’s economic prosperity. To all who attended and contributed to the success of this event, we extend our heartfelt gratitude!

Special thanks to our partners: Unidos at Work Program: Oscar Sepulveda, Housing Counselor for Foreclosure Prevention and Lending Circle: Janet Torres & Denisa Aitonean. Express Credit Union: Cinthya Gomes, Craft 3: Edwin Rios, Mass Mutual: Hilda Acevedo, Mexican Consulate: Kara Mora Laveaga & Nora Arauj and Creciendo Juntas: Diana Camacho and EmmaMoreno

Stay tuned for more transformative workshops and events, crafted to uplift and empower entrepreneurs across our community. Together, we’ll continue to reach new heights!

El Centro Skate Rink – National Speed Skating Circut Invitational Recap

El Centro’s Skate Rink was buzzing with excitement as we hosted the National Speed Skating Circuit’s all-ages invitational event, accompanied by Pro Tryouts for NS. This electrifying competition brought together 200 talented athletes from across the nation to showcase their skills on the rink.

Team Xtreme from El Centro Skate proved their mettle, securing an impressive 2nd overall placement in the competition. The highlight of the event was when one of our exceptional skaters shattered a longstanding record for the fastest flying 100m lap. Clocking in at an astonishing 8.24 seconds, equivalent to nearly 30MPH, this remarkable feat left spectators in awe and exemplified the incredible talent within our skating community.

🏆 Battle in Seattle: A Legacy of Excellence 🏆

As anticipation builds for another thrilling year of racing, El Centro Skate Rink extends heartfelt gratitude for the nationwide support and recognition we’ve received. The Battle in Seattle, an event with a rich history spanning three decades, stands as a testament to the passion and dedication of skaters nationwide.

We invite all skating enthusiasts to join us in celebrating this legacy of excellence and to stay tuned for more exhilarating events and competitions at El Centro Skate Rink.

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