Cuentos from Our Work: MAY 2024

Advocacy– Seattle’s annual May Day march

On May 1st, 2024, in Seattle, WA, our dedicated staff and Jovens from El Centro de la Raza proudly marched. With unwavering commitment, we stood shoulder to shoulder with workers worldwide to honor International Workers’ Day! A heartfelt thanks to Coalición de Acción 1 de Mayo for spearheading this powerful event.

Culture – El Centro de la Raza’s 17th Annual Cinco de Mayo Celebration

It’s more than just festivities; it’s about honoring culture and heritage, fostering unity, and building a vibrant Beloved Community. Thanks to all who joined us!

Photos by Darryl Wong and Diego Cortez

Child and Family Services: Universal Children’s Day 2024

Since 1954, the United Nations championed this special day to honor the rights and well-being of children worldwide. From the adoption of the Declaration of the Rights of Children to the groundbreaking Convention on the Rights of the Child, our commitment to protecting children’s rights only grew stronger.

A few weeks ago, we celebrated the incredible diversity, creativity, and potential of every child. We shared all of the festivities from our José Martí Child Development Center here at El Centro de la Raza. Whether through cultural activities, entertainment, or simply showing love and respect, we ensured every child knew they were valued and cherished.

Join us in recognizing the importance of Universal Children’s Day and empowering the next generation to thrive!

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