Demand Bill Language is Inclusive of Beacon Hill Neighborhood

The Washington State legislature is considering House Bill 1847, an Act relating to aircraft noise abatement for impacted neighborhoods surrounding the Sea-Tac Airport. The Beacon Hill neighborhood is a “vertical fenceline” community located right underneath the fixed flight path where 70% of the flight arrivals fly over us about every 60 to 90 seconds.

Flight operations from the Port of Seattle adversely impact the Beacon Hill neighborhood of 35,000 residents, yet the bill’s current language excludes us from the “impacted area.” As a direct result of planes flying overhead and major roadways surrounding us, these unjust environmental and health conditions expose residents – both young and old as well as new to long-time – to air and noise pollution.

If you either live in Beacon Hill or have a relationship with the relevant legislators connected to this bill, please urge them to fully consider Beacon Hill for inclusion in HB 1847. Find your district here. You can defend Beacon Hill by commenting on the bill or emailing your legislators:

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