Advocacy & Culture

Addressing the social justice issues facing our community.

We believe that our Beloved Community can effectively address the profound issues facing our world through civic involvement, grassroots organizing, cultural sharing and by building multi-racial unity. As a hub for the Latino/a community, El Centro de la Raza works to empower our community with a passionate commitment to equity and culture. We work to address systemic issues of race, poverty, immigration, affordable housing, education, and other social injustices. El Centro de la Raza amplifies the voices of those who have been historically silenced to raise awareness and to challenge oppressive structures and policies. Collective advocacy allows us to serve as a beacon of hope for a more inclusive and just society.

  • Environmental & Health Justice
    Organizing and Advocating to Solve Air and Noise Pollution Health Impacts on Beacon Hill Join Us | Donate | Health Impacts The Problem? Beacon Hill is 6 miles long and almost 2 miles across. We are a majority minority vulnerable neighborhood. We are surrounded by major roadways Aircraft fly over us every 90 seconds on …Read More
  • Environmental Justice Organizing
    Please email Maria Batayola, Environmental Justice Coordinator at and tell us how you would like to get involved. Environmental Justice Organizing Training Join our first ever Environmental Justice Organizing training! Through this training we aim to enable and empower our community to act and want to create grassroots community organizing to influence policy makers …Read More
  • Get Out the Vote
    We post our most current voting, advocacy and policy campaigns here. 
  • Weatherization and Environmental Justice Program
    Our program offers repairs and upgrades aimed at lowering utility bills for your home, apartment, or trailer. We’re committed to both educating and connecting the community with beneficial programs. Our Objective: Our primary goal is to educate the community about environmental issues that could impact their living spaces. Additionally, we aim to provide effective solutions …Read More


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