Pathfinders: Find, Stabilize and Connect Veterans of Color

Assistance for veterans of color who have served in the United States Armed Forces.

At El Centro de la Raza, our Pathfinders for Veterans of Color program provides outreach, emergency services, and referral provisions to all veterans with an emphasis on providing assistance to veterans of color and their families living in King County.

Many of our community members have served in the United States Armed Forces and come home only to struggle accessing the benefits that they have earned. To address this issue, El Centro de la Raza has adopted King County’s Enhanced Outreach to Veterans of Color Program. Our program is committed to connecting Veterans and their families to the federal, state, and local benefits that they are entitled to for their service to the United States. We provide direct service, resource referrals, and customized resource guides to assist Veterans with housing, food, filing claims, appealing a VA decisions, accessing PTSD, crisis management, and Military Sexual Trauma treatment, employment assistance, and a wide range of services available to King County residents.

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Laura Aguilar, Pathfinder for Veterans of Color (King County) at (360) 986-7046 /