Federal Way Open Doors Case Management Program

Re-engagement programs for high school students.

Our case management program provides culturally and linguistically competent, strengths based case management services targeting Latino youth and other youth of color at Federal Way Open Doors and Career Academy. Re-engagement programs for high school students who are disconnected from traditional high school. Through our case management services, youth will stay engaged in their education, complete their high school diploma, and prepare for post-secondary education and/or employment.

*Youth/Demographic Served: 9th-12th grade high school students from Federal Way Open Doors and Career Academy.

*Outcomes: Keep youth engaged in school to graduate high school and help them successfully transition to post-secondary education and/or employment.

Edith Andrade, Youth Case Manager | eandrade@elcentrodelaraza.org | (206) 741-7643

Karina Quiroz, Peer Outreach Specialist | kquiroz@elcentrodelaraza.org | (206) 883-8862

Liz Huizar, M.A., Youth Programs Manager | lhuizar@elcentrodelaraza.org | (206) 717-0084

Denise Perez Lally, Director- Human Services, Francis Martinez Department | dperezlally@elcentrodelaraza.org |(206) 957-4609*