Hope for Youth

A middle and high school educational enrichment opportunity.

A classroom-based multicultural education and empowerment opportunity for students that are enrolled in the Proyecto Saber program at Chief Sealth High Schools and Denny Middle School. Students engage with a variety of subjects on Latino history, civil rights history, and histories of marginalized groups to affirm and acknowledge their ethnic and racial identities as well as enrich their educational experiences. Local artists engaged in social justice and community work serve as guest speakers to share their experiences and expertise so youth can gain the confidence and tools needed to express their feelings about Latino culture and civil rights in a positive and healthy way.

Liz Huizar, M.A., Youth Programs Manager | lhuizar@elcentrodelaraza.org | (206) 717-0084

Denise Perez Lally, Director- Human Services, Francis Martinez Department | dperezlally@elcentrodelaraza.org |(206) 957-4609