Government Benefits

Government Benefits

We assist veterans, seniors, and other vulnerable community members living in King County to apply for and receive public benefits.

Our Government Benefits Navigators can assist you in applying for food assistance, health insurance, veterans benefits, unemployment applications, Social Security, affordable housing, energy assistance and Medical and Family Leave in Washington.

Eligibility Requirement

  • King County Resident
  • Be a Veteran, Senior or Low-Income

Program Managers

Karen Calvo, Government Benefits Navigator

Karen is a Government Benefits Navigator with 10 years of experience helping advocate for the Latino community. She loves to assist qualifying families and individuals to apply and receive state and Federal benefits.

Contact Karen to get help or ask questions!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you able to answer/help with legal questions?

No, we are not able to offer any legal advice.

Can you help me find affordable housing?

We can assist you with filling out the King County Housing Authority Waitlist application.

Can you interpret for me at my medical, court, other meetings or appointments?

No, we are unable to provide interpretation services.