Hate Rhetoric about Migrant Caravan used as Campaign Strategy

The Trump Administration leveraged the migrant caravan as a campaign issue for the midterm elections. In an anti-immigration ad sponsored by the Trump Administration, it attacked those Central American migrants by slandering and labeling them as “invaders and criminals.” Thousands of migrants are traversing across México to reach the United States because they are fleeing from violence, gangs, government corruption, extortion, and unemployment.

The ad goes as far to insinuate that the Central American migrants are responsible for an undocumented immigrant’s actions of killing two law enforcement officials in California. Whether the current administration likes it or not, immigration is an issue self-created by the U.S. government. This country was founded by immigrants and, based on the election results, we are here to stay and affect change. Many generations of immigrants have lived in this country before the government invaded and inherited this land. Immigrants – including their customs, language, tradition, values, culture, food, and communities – are an integral part of this diverse nation, and they help enrich relationships that connect us to one another.