Hope for Youth

Hope for Youth

The focus of our program is to inspire young critical thinkers through community building activities and programing!

Hope for Youth is focused on bringing more Chicano and Latino history to students in the Federal Way School district, specifically Thomas Jefferson High School. Our program mainly works with teachers in the Heritage Spanish classes to develop curriculum that gives students the opportunity to feel more empowered to continue developing their ethnic and racial identities, while also enriching their educational experience. When we are not in the classroom, we also support the Latino Student Union club with events and leadership development. Through our programming, students engage in community based projects, attend field trips, and develop art pieces to gain the tools needed to express their feelings about civil rights issues impacting Latinos and other communities of color.

Eligibility Requirement

  • Be a current student at Thomas Jefferson High School in Federal Way

Program Managers

Maria Casarez, M.Ed

Maria is from Yakima, WA and grew up in a farmworker family. Being the first one in her family to graduate college, she was exposed to all the challenges that come with applying to pursing higher education. Through our youth programs at El Centro de la Raza, we hope to help bridge the gap so that more youth can pursue their post-secondary goals, while also exploring their identities.

Kimberly Jimenez

Kimberly is a first year college student at Highline Community College studying to get her AA degree so she can transfer to a university to become an educator in high school. When she was a part of the Hope for Youth program, she was the LSU president, so she’s excited to be back to support student officers with their leadership development.

Perla Ibarra

Perla is a first year college student at PLU studying Elementary Education with a minor is Hispanic Studies. She was also a part of the Hope for Youth program during her senior year of high school, and she is excited to be back!

If you are interested in participating, please go to our office at Thomas Jefferson High school to learn more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find you at Thomas Jefferson High School?

We’re super excited to have an office at Thomas Jefferson High School this year! Our office is a little hidden but if you want to set up a time to come talk to us you can call, text, or email us and we can show you exactly where our office is at the school!

Do I have to speak Spanish or be a part of LSU to get help?

Everyone is welcomed to visit us in our office! We do work closely with the Latino Student Union club and with the Heritage Spanish classes, however, we can provide 1:1 support during lunches and after school if you need someone to talk to and are not a part of the club or the classes. We can also provide support with planning for life after high school!

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