Impact of the El Paso Shooting on November 3

August 3 marked the first anniversary of the devastating El Paso shooting. Words are never adequate for tragedies, including this one. We share in the sadness of the victims’ friends and families, most of whom were people of color. The gunman’s manifesto posted shortly before the shooting read, “This attack is a response to the Hispanic invasion of Texas.” In UnidosUS’ poll of Latino voters, gun violence is among the community’s top five issues.

President Trump’s leadership strategy uses primarily anti-immigrant rhetoric to inspire hate crimes and domestic terrorism. On the global stage, Trump represents our country by dehumanizing the Latino community. He has abused his executive powers to separate families at the southern border, implement the Public Charge rule, discourage immigrant and refugee communities from being counted in the 2020 Census, and attack DACA, among many other strategies to keep communities of color down.

There is courage in sorrow and action. As we remember this tragedy, let us stand together in our collective power to vote for candidates whose priority is to bring the country together. This General Election on November 3, let us elect leaders who want to protect immigrants and asylum seekers. The deadline to register or update your voter registration online or by mail is Monday, October 26.

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