Let’s Talk Primary

Primary Elections happen at the local and state levels and they precede a general election. Primaries represent a critical time when voters exercise their civic duty by selecting the candidate they believe should be their party’s candidate to run for elected office during the General Election. Primary Elections are important because they determine which convention delegates and party leaders will represent us in the General Election.

Timeline and Dates to Remember
Washington State’s Primary Election is on August 6 meaning it is less than a month away. If you have not updated your voter registration or registered to vote, do not delay because now is the time. Leading up to Election Day, eligible voters can register eight days before and in-person registration on Election Day itself. Online registration is a quicker way to register.

  • July 29 to August 5 – Last eight days to update or register online or through mail.
  • August 6 Primary Election Day. In-person registration is an option, but you must do it during business hours or any time before drop boxes close. They close promptly at 8 PM.

How Do I Register?
Whether you plan to register online, by mail, or in-person, the most important thing is that you do register and vote. This is a great opportunity to jump in and be a part of the conversation during a politically troubling period. It is worth the time to invest in your community by making your voice heard in the election process. Are you ready to register to vote online today? Follow this link to get started on the next steps: MyVote.