Miguel and Neyi’s Story

Miguel and Neyi approached El Centro de la Raza in Federal Way upon hearing about our Tandas de Ahorro (Lending Circle). They were interested in learning more about the program and its benefits, including 1) establishing and improving their credit score profile and 2) increasing their financial capacity by gaining access to capital with 0% interest and no fees.

They signed up in January 2020 and saved $1,400, allowing them to buy their first direct vehicle from an agency and with the credit backing of both. Miguel and Neyi are excited to continue saving through the Lending Circle. To date, they have saved $4,800 (240% more in savings from their first Lending Circle). Miguel and Neyi attended our certified seminar for first-time homebuyers in December 2019. They have received emergency assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic through our Emergency Response Fund