Home Visiting program that supports parents and children in their early stages of life.

The ParentChild+ program is part of the Early Learning Home Visiting department of El Centro de la Raza. ParentChild+ is a national model that aims to ensure that all children regardless of race, socioeconomic status or where they live have an equal chance from the beginning. Our Early Learning Specialists visit families twice a week to work with books and educational toys that we provide to families. We also offer comprehensive support to participants and connect them with community resources.

ParentChild+ Maria with Participants

Eligibility Requirement

  • 16-30 months old at enrollment
  • Not a previous/current ECE program participation
  • Income below 300% of the federal poverty guidelines
  • Priority to Latinx families, and families that are experiencing hardship

Program Managers

Maria Perez, Early Learning Specialist

Maria loves to explore books and toys with the children and have them interact with the materials. That way she can observe which activities they are most engaged in and focus on those activities. She values our families, their time, and the great work they do with their children.

Daniela Diaz Vega, Early Learning Specialist

Daniela enjoy reading to the children and discovering new things and colors with them. She gives our participants resources from our community, connecting them with opportunities and other programs at El Centro de la Raza.

Clara Serrano, Early Learning Specialist

a dedicated home visitor at El Centro de la Raza for over five years. She finds immense fulfillment in witnessing the smiles of each child and fostering deep connections with their families during her visits. As a loving mother of two, Clara cherishes sharing enriching activities with her children.

Elisa Jimenez, Senior Learning Specialist

Elisa has worked as a home visitor with El Centro de la Raza for more than five years. She is very passionate about her work and the families she serves. One of her favorite things about her job is being able to see the accomplishments of the families she works with. Elisa is also the mother of two beautiful children. Her family enjoys hiking and going out to try new food at new restaurants.

For more information, please contact Elisa Jimenez!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you visit?

The visits are hybrid, that is, one in person at a previously established location and another virtual, it can be held on WhatsApp, Facetime or Zoom—we are flexible. The first visit of the week is focused on introducing the new book or toy. The second visit is a review of the toy or book with further exploration of concepts and themes through additional activities.

What are the benefits of the program?

This program has so many benefits! During visits, our Early Learning Specialists help the child explore ways to read a book and stimulate imagination. The toys target different areas of children’s development, such as fine/gross motor coordination. Our Early Learning Specialists conduct on-going assessments to see how the children are developing and provide resources to families as needed. Families watch their children grow in their learning—data shows us that children who participate in ParentChild+ are more successful in school than a child in the same situation who did not participate. ParentChild+ helps families create a stable foundation so that their children can be successful in all areas of their lives.


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