Rental Counseling and Foreclosure Prevention

Rental Counseling and Foreclosure Prevention

The program provides one-on-one counseling to renters and homeowners who are going through a hardship and are behind or at risk of falling behind on their rent and mortgage payments.

We understand that life events, the pandemic and other circumstances may have had a significant impact on your housing situation, and we want to work with you to help you understand your options. In order to do this, we will listen to you, go over your credit report, create and develop a budget as well as an action plan that would address your unique housing needs. By looking at all those elements we will be able to educate and provide the resources that would best fit your situation.

Eligibility Requirement

  • Must have a housing instability (loss of income, eviction, foreclosure etc.).
  • Must provide proof of income, unemployment or other benefits
  • Must provide SSN/ ITIN

Program Managers

Denisa Aitonean

Denisa is a HUD- Certified Housing Counselor and has a background in psychology and social services. Denisa believes that people can overcome great challenges with the right support and is passionate about helping and empowering clients to become self-sufficient through education, guidance, encouragement and adequate resources. Denisa takes part in ongoing training opportunities to continue to expand her knowledge in order to best assist her clients.

Janet Torres Garcia headshot

Janet Torres Garcia

Janet is a HUD-Certified Counselor who has received certificates on Foundations of Foreclosure Prevention, Foundation of Pre-Purchase, and The Psychology of Money. Janet’s mission has always been to help individuals overcome their challenges through financial literacy, housing counseling, and education. Janet is also the Financial Empowerment Coordinator that can help you get connected with homebuyer education classes offered once every quarter and “tandas” or Leading Circles program to help improve your credit and savings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is housing counseling?

Housing counseling addresses the client’s housing barriers and helps them achieve their housing goal by providing advice and resources tailored to their unique situation.

Does your program offer financial assistance?

No, the program provides individual counseling to asses your situation and help you identify other community resources which may provide monetary assistance.

Will you find a place for me to live?

No, we will be helping you find resources and assist you in the process of finding stable housing.