Senator Patty Murray Introduces Bill to Protect Migrant Children

The Stop Cruelty to Migrant Children Act would end family separations at the southern border, strengthen health and safety protections for children and families, and provide additional guardrails and stronger standards to ensure that government funds are not used to traumatize or harm asylum seekers. This mistreatment towards migrant children and their families in border facilities are reminiscent of Nazi concentration camps’ appalling conditions and traumatic impact.

Per Senator Murray, “This legislation is just a step toward mitigating the harm done to these kids and holding those responsible accountable, but it’s a critical one we must take immediately before the kids in our care are even further hurt and traumatized.”

Thank you to the leadership of Senator Murray and other Senate Democratic leaders for looking out for our children as the Trump Administration creates and enforces nationalistic policies overnight. Click here to view a section-by-section breakdown of the Act and a one-pager for the bill.