Juun-Julaay 2022: Wicitaan Ficil & Wararka Saameynaya Bulshada

A signature to advance gun responsibility legislation to protect our families and future

From our partners at the Alliance for Gun Responsibility, tell Congress we need commitments to create enhanced background checks for gun buyers aged 18-21, address the dating partner loophole, crack down on gun trafficking, fund implementation of state Extreme Risk Protection Orders, and more. Saxiix halkan.

Want to get involved? See five ways below to prevent gun violence.

Mayor Harrell Statement on SCOTUS Abortion Ruling

Seattle – Today, Mayor Bruce Harrell released the following statement: 

“The Supreme Court’s decision is dangerous, outrageous, and an unacceptable step back for generations of women now and to come. Just yesterday, the Supreme Court limited states’ ability to regulate guns, but today declared states can regulate bodies. We know too many states will react quickly and severely to this ruling and we know the consequences of those efforts to restrict reproductive health care will be dire. 

“Maternal mortality will increase. Infant mortality will increase. Poverty will rise and positive health outcomes will decline. Women, transgender, and non-binary people will be forced to seek unsafe abortions. The implications of this decision will disproportionately impact women of color, who are already bearing the brunt of child care in this country. Where we can counter this, we must. Seattle will remain a place where we lead with reproductive justice and where abortion and reproductive health care are available to all who seek it. 

“More people will come to Seattle from out of state to seek safe and accessible reproductive care, which is why we’re responding to this unprecedented moment in our supplemental budget proposal. Our administration is seeking to invest $250,000 in efforts to expand access to reproductive health care through the Northwest Abortion Access Fund. 

“This will complement the City’s support for ongoing efforts led by Seattle-King County Public Health to link residents to reproductive health care through Community Health Partnership, School-Based Health Centers, Nurse-Family Partnership, and Mobile Medical Vans. 

“As states enact and engage in punitive and reactionary efforts to enforce this regressive assault on their constituents’ bodies, our Seattle Police Department will not participate in enforcing the criminal laws of other states that are inconsistent with Washington laws and values. 

“Men have an obligation to stand with the women in our country who have seen their constitutional rights eliminated. A decision like this makes hope difficult and threatens our most precious rights and liberties. However, in Seattle, we reject this decision – full stop – and will ensure our response is based in a united commitment to maintain and expand our city’s embrace of privacy, freedom, and shared values.” 

NALEO Educational Fund Urges Census Bureau to Release More Data on State and Local Undercounts

Census estimates revealed a severe and devastating 4.99 percent undercount of Latinos in Census 2020; detailed state and local data are critical to understanding and ameliorating the undercount’s impact on the community 

“With several factors likely contributing to the Latino undercount in the 2020 Census, it is imperative that the U.S. Census Bureau rebuilds its trust with the public by releasing data that provides insight into the severe undercount of the Latino community.”
– NALEO Educational Fund CEO Arturo Vargas

WASHINGTON, DC- The National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO) Educational Fund today called for the U.S. Census Bureau to provide data that would better illuminate the just-released Census 2020 state Post-Enumeration Survey (PES) results.  In March, the national-level PES results xaqiijiyay a severe 4.99 percent undercount of Latinos in Census 2020, a 3.3 percent undercount of Black residents, and a 2.79 percent undercount of very young children (ages 0–4). However, as the Bureau previously ku dhawaaqay, maanta state estimates do not include demographic characteristics such as race and Hispanic origin and are not available for geographies below the state level.  This lack of detail raises more questions than answers about the accuracy of the 2020 Census.  

“With Latinos accounting for nearly one of every five U.S. residents, the PES estimates confirming the national undercount of Latinos is very alarming,” said NALEO Educational Fund CEO Arturo Vargas.  “We have urged the Bureau to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the impact of the undercount on the Latino community and the options to ameliorate it.  The Bureau must move forward with this undertaking transparently and in partnership with the full range of public and private stakeholders, including data experts, state and local governments, and community and civic leaders.  However, we cannot achieve this goal without relevant data on the undercount of Latinos by state and for different localities throughout the nation. 

“For example, New York City has a population larger than 40 states and Washington, D.C., and over one-fourth (28.3 percent) of the city’s 8.8 million residents are Latino.  Without additional undercount data, we will not be able to fully gauge the total severity of the Latino undercount within each state and in different parts of the nation.

“The PES state estimates do not tell the whole story of the accuracy of the 2020 Census count for different population groups or areas in the states.  For example, New York is the nation’s fourth most populous state, and the national undercounts suggest that large numbers of persons from population groups that make New York their home were missed in Census 2020.  However, the PES estimates are net figures derived in part from both the 2020 Census omissions and persons overcounted in the enumeration.  Thus, in the 3.44 percent net New York overcount, the persons overcounted in the state may mask the impact of the persons missed in enumeration and other significant problems with the overall accuracy of census data for New York.  

“Based on our work with and research on historically undercounted communities, we believe it is likely that Census 2020’s accuracy varied in different regions of the states.  For example, areas with large concentrations of Latinos, Black residents, and young children — such as the Boroughs of Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Queens — are likely to have had the highest undercounts, while places with large concentrations of non-Hispanic whites and wealthy residents — such as areas in Manhattan, Long Island, or upstate New York — likely had overcounts.

“However, without specific Latino undercount data and data on other New York population groups throughout the state, we cannot determine precisely where and to what extent these population groups were missed. 

“Data from the 2020 Census have already been used to apportion the U.S. House of Representatives and for redistricting, despite the considerable flaws in the number of Latinos.  In addition, unless the Bureau takes action to analyze and mitigate the impact of the undercount, these flawed data will now guide the distribution of more than $1.5 trillion in annual federal funding to states and localities based on an incorrect snapshot of our population.  Without reliable state-by-state data on the undercount for different population groups and localities, stakeholders cannot be fully engaged partners in the much-needed efforts to mitigate the effect of the undercounts on funding formulas and the fair allocation of resources.  These data will also enhance the ability of stakeholders to help the Bureau assess the impact of the undercounts on the enforcement of civil rights protections and other purposes for which census data are used.  Additionally, these data would also be invaluable for Census 2030 planning efforts. 

“We understand the Census Bureau’s position that the PES sample size is not adequate enough to produce data that meet the Bureau’s standards for every demographic group in each state or many localities in the nation.  Thus, we urge the Bureau to research and make available data from other sources that could help illuminate the accuracy of Census 2020 data for localities.  This research will also inform the Bureau’s work to ameliorate the impact of Census 2020 undercounts. 

“Ultimately, with several factors likely contributing to the national Latino undercount in the 2020 Census, the release of more detailed state and local data will also provide a crucial opportunity for the Bureau to rebuild its trust with the public.  The data would also enable stakeholders to work together with the Bureau on one of the toughest tasks it must undertake — making fundamental changes to how it counts the U.S. population in a manner that will significantly enhance the accuracy and fairness of the enumeration.”

Key Findings of the PES Data: PES Net Undercount Information – State The state net undercounts ranged from 1.92 percent in Texas to 5.04 percent in Arkansas. The states with undercounts include: Arkansas (5.04 percent) Florida (3.48 percent) Tennessee (4.78 percent) Mississippi (4.11 percent) Illinois (1.97 percent) Texas (1.92 percent)   PES Net Undercount Information – National The national PES data were the Census Bureau’s first official estimate of the accuracy of Census 2020.  It is a statistical analysis of a survey of the nation’s population.  Comparing the PES and Census 2020 data determines who was missed or counted in error in Census 2020. The PES data released in March revealed that Census 2020 undercounted 4.99 percent of the Latino population — 3.45 percentage points higher than the Census 2010 Latino undercount of 1.54 percent.  Moreover, the increase in this undercount is more than threefold from Census 2010. For the nation as a whole, the PES found a 1.64 percent overcount of those who identified exclusively as non-Hispanic white.   Youth Undercount Information  The PES did not provide an estimate specifically for Latino children or any children at the state and local level, and further statistical analysis is needed to illuminate 1.) the undercount of Latino children and 2.) where these undercounts occurred. At the national level, the PES revealed that Census 2020 undercounted 2.79 percent of very young children (ages 0–4), which is 2.07 percentage points higher than the Census 2010 undercount of this population group (0.72 percent).  The increase in this undercount is more than threefold from Census 2010. In 2016, research spearheaded by demographer Dr. William O’Hare found that the net undercount rate for very young Latino children ages 0–4 was 7.1 percent, compared to 4.3 percent for non-Latinos — with Census 2010 missing nearly 400,000 very young Latino children. Given that more than one out of every four American children are Latino, these figures represent a severe undercount of very young Latino children once again.

###About NALEO Educational Fund
NALEO Educational Fund is the nation’s leading non-profit, non-partisan organization that facilitates the full participation of Latinos in the American political process, from citizenship to public service.

Juun 2022 - Cuentos oo ka yimid Shaqadeena

Felicidades ilaa Qalinjabiyeyaal ka socda El Centro de la Raza!!

Qalinjabintu had iyo jeer waa waqti xiiso leh El Centro de la Raza. Laga bilaabo 8th u gudbinta darajada qalin jabinta dugsiga sare, aqoonyahanada iska diiwaan galiyay barnaamijyadayada adeegyada dhalinyarada ayaa u dabaaldegaya waxqabadkooda.

Latina/o Heer sare waa mawduuca ugu muhiimsan ee xilliga. Sannadkan, dhammaan aqoonyahannada qalin-jabiyey waxay heleen a sarbeeb qalin jabinta ayaa la xaday, iyada oo u adeegaysa xasuusin in dhaqamadeenu ay qayb ka yihiin guushayada.

Dhiirrigelinta dhalinyarada dugsiga dhexe, qalinjabintooda xaday waxay tiraahdaa 'Fasalka 2026'. Tani khalad maaha Rajadeenu waxay tahay in xadhigani uu u noqdo dhiirigelin si ay u gaadhaan qalin-jabinta dugsiga sare.

Waa lama huraan in su'aashu ay soo baxdo, maxaad samaynaysaa marka xigta?

Dhanka Kimberly, oo ah sarkaal sare oo ka socda Dugsiga Sare ee Thomas Jefferson ee Federal Way, jawaabtu waa, "Hadda, waxaan rabaa inaan ku noolaado waqtigan, ku qoy dabaaldegan. Waxaa jirtay waqti aanan garaneyn in aan xaflad sameyn doono, marka kaliya inaan awoodo inaan masraxa ku socdo waa daqiiqad aan rabo inaan xasuusto weligeed!”

Barnaamijka Barashada Shaqada ee El Centro de la Raza

Shaqada El Centro de la Raza suurtogal ma noqon doonto la'aanteed ardayda wax-barashada Shaqada ee quruxda badan ee bulshadeena. Waxay keenaan dareen cusub oo suurtagal ah iyo tamar waxayna dib u soo nooleeyaan ururada iyagoo keenaya cilmi-baaristii ugu dambeysay.

Saddexdii bilood ee la soo dhaafay, waxaan si aad ah uga faa'iidaysanay shaqada aan joogtada ahayn ee labada wada-hawlgalayaasha Daraasada Shaqada ee goobta Shaqada Bulshada kuwaas oo caawiyay waaxdayada horumarinta. Waxay ka shaqeeyeen dadaalladayada wax soo iibsiga si ay u helaan hadiyado lagu xaraashayo munaasabaddayada lacag ururinta ee weyn, Gacalka Bulshada Gacaliye, ka dibna waxay diiradda saareen taageeridda dadaalladayada isgaarsiinta, si aan u sheegno sheekooyinka shaqadeena. 

Marla Perez iyo Juan Galvez, aad ayaan ugu mahadcelinaynaa shaqadaada, waxaana ku bogaadinaynaa shaqadaada bulshada iyo aragtida aad u hayso shaqada bulshada waxaad sii wadi doontaa inaad qabato! Hambalyo qalinjabintaada oo aad ka heshay shahaadada Masterka ee Shaqada Bulshada ee Jaamacadda Washington!

John Galvez

Ku socota Juan, El Centro de la Raza kontonkiisii ​​sano ee shaqada ayaa "markhaati u ah isbeddel dhab ah, oo ay kacday naxariis iyo niyad wanaag." Shaqada El Centro maaha kaliya u adeegida bulshada, sidoo kale is the community.  For him, letting the multiracial, and especially the Latinx community, know what services are available to them was a big motivator for working with El Centro de la Raza. It also inspires Juan by showing him what is possible- his goal is to create a non-profit organization that supports immigrants in King County.

Juan wuxuu ku dhashay kuna koray Michoacán, Mexico wuxuuna u haajiray Washington markii uu ahaa 16 sano jir. Wuxuu dhiganayay dugsiga sare ee Lake Chelan, wuxuu ka qalin jabiyay Jaamacadda Western Washington isagoo ku takhasusay cilmiga bulshada & Isbaanishka ee 2018, wuxuuna dhammaystiray Masters of Work Social ee Jaamacadda Washington bishan Juun.

After graduation, he will be working for the Department of Children Youth and Families for the upcoming two years.  Thereafter, he will start working as a school social worker and plan the development of a non-profit organization that will support undocumented Latinx immigrants in King County.

Marka laga soo tago shaqadiisa, waxaanu waydiisanay Juan inuu noo sheego wax dadka ka yaabiya isaga.

"Waxaan ahay heesaa iyo abwaan heeso leh oo muusik ku leh dhammaan goobaha la daawado! Waxaan sidoo kale hadda ka mid ahay koox la yiraahdo "Los Preferidos del Ejido," mashruuc cusub oo ay ku jiraan fannaaniin karti badan oo ka kala yimid dhammaan gobolka Washington."

Marla Perez

Marla waxay dooratay inay ka shaqeyso El Centro de la Raza sababtoo ah ururka waxaa ka go'an u adeegida iyo xoojinta shakhsiyaadka iyo bulshada. Waxay rabtay inay wax ka barato dadaalka iyo taageerada ururka ee ku aaddan wacyigelinta adeegyadooda si dadka ugu badan ee suurtogalka ah ay u helaan barnaamijyadooda iyo agabkooda. 

"Waxa aan u arko inay runtii gaar ka yihiin ECDLR waa inay qaataan habab kala duwan si ay wax uga qabtaan arrimaha nidaamka ee keenaya sinnaan la'aanta iyo dulmiga iyagoo isla mar ahaantaana taageeraya dadka ay saamaysay. ECDLR waxay qaadataa hab dhamaystiran si ay u taageerto shaqaalahooda, bulshadooda, iyo bulshada runtiina aad ayaan ula dhacsanahay wax kasta oo ay sameeyaan."

Marla waxay ku dhalatay Compostela, Nayarit waxayna ku kortay Bothell, WA hooyo keligood ah iyadoo kaashanaysa dhammaan walaalaheed. Jacaylka ay u qabto hooyadeed, walaalaheed, iyo qoyskeeda waxa uu siiyay xoog ay kaga shaqeyso sidii ay u taageeri lahayd bulshadeeda iyo qoyskeeda. Waxay ku dhammaysatay shahaadada koowaad ee jaamacadda ee cilmi-nafsiga iyada oo ay weheliso ilmo yar oo Isbaanish ah oo ka socda Jaamacadda Galbeedka Washington, iyada oo u shaqaynaysa C2C hindise latalin. Ka dib qalin-jabinta, waxay u shaqeysay sidii daaweeyaha xadgudubka galmada ee Consejo Counseling muddo laba sano ah. Bishan Juun, waxay ku qalin jabisay shahaadada Masterka ee Shaqada Bulshada ee Jaamacadda Washington. 

Waayo-aragnimada Marla, ECDLR waxay dhiirigelisaa is-daryeelka, naxariista, la xisaabtanka, hindisaha, firfircoonida, ixtiraamka, bulshada, iyo xoojinta. Kuwani waa dhammaan waxyaalaha ay aaminsan tahay oo ay ku dadaalayso inay ku darto nolosheeda gaarka ah iyo xirfadeeda. Waayo-aragnimadeeda nololeed, waxay xaqiiqsatay saamaynta wayn ee cunsuriyadda habaysan iyo gudeed ee bulshadeena dhexdeeda. Waxay sidoo kale aragtay inta ay le'eg tahay dhibaatada helitaan la'aanta macluumaadka, agabka, iyo bulshada ay ku yeelan karto carruurta, shakhsiyaadka, iyo qoysaska. Marla waxay tiri, "Hadda waxaa iga go'an inaan awood siinta, taageero, iyo u doodista carruurta iyo qoysaska ay la kulmeen dhaawacyada iyo ku xirida macluumaadka lagama maarmaanka ah iyo adeegyada ku habboon si kor loogu qaado bogsashadooda, xasilloonida, iyo guushooda." 

 Laga bilaabo xagaagan, Marla waxa ay u shaqayn doonta DCYF iyada oo carruur iyo shaqaale bulsho ah daryeelka qoyska. Ka dib markay dhammayso qandaraaska ay kula jirto, waxay jeclaan lahayd inay ugu dambeyntii yeelato dhaqankeeda u gaarka ah ee u adeegaya kuwa ka badbaaday dhaawacyada, gaar ahaan bulshada Latinx dhexdeeda. 

Something people might be surprised to know about Marla is that I travel every chance she gets! “After studying abroad in Spain when I was 19, I haven’t stopped. I loved Italy and would love to live there for a short period at some point of my life, maybe after a learn more of the language!”

Caafimaadka Ilkaha- Dadaalka Bulshada

Waxaan jeclaan lahayn inaan u mahadcelinno qof walba oo iskaashigiisa la leh dhacdadan ugu horreysa ee Barnaamijka Ilkaha Dadka Waaweyn ee Degmada King (KCADP) ee rugtayada caafimaadka ilkaha ee ugu dambeysay!

Waxaan u ballannay 12 bukaan - ugu badnaan waxaa naloo oggolaaday inaan ballan ka hor sameyno! Waxa aanu haysanay wadar dhan 7 goobood, oo afar ka mid ah aanu awoodnay in aanu dejino, saddex kalena waxa aanu u gudbinay rugahayada caafimaadka ilkaha ee dadweynaha.

Dadku waxa kale oo la diiwaan galiyay Apple Health (Medicaid), naaska, ilmagaleenka, barnaamijka caafimaadka mindhicirka (BCCHP) iyo qaybinta Orca Lift cards! Waxaan u mahadcelineynaa mutadawiciinta iyo la-hawlgalayaasha bulshada ee suurtageliyay tan!

Waad ku mahadsan tahay markale.

Maalin qurux badan!

Dhacdooyinka: Juun - Luulyo 2022

Luulyo 16, 2022: Suuqa xagaaga ee El Centro de la Raza!

Kaalay ku raaxayso xagaaga suuqa dibadda, iibiyaasha cuntada maxaliga ah, iyo madadaalada qoyska oo dhan! // Ven a disfrutar del verano con un mercado al aire libre, vendedores de comida locales, y entretenimiento para toda la familia!

Event: Suuqa Xagaaga // Mercado de Verano

Date: Sabtida, Juun 16, 2022

Time: 10:00 subaxnimo 4:00 galabnimo

Location: Plaza Roberto Maestras, 1650 S Roberto Maestas Festival Street, Seattle WA 98144

Luulyo 16, 2022: Somos Seattle Dabaaldegga Kibirka ee El Centro de la Raza!

Qof walba waxaa lagu casuumay dhacdo lacag la'aan ah si loogu dabaaldego Bandhiga Kibirka ee Seattle Latinx ee Sannadlaha 4aad! Aynu xusno aqoonsiga LGBTQ iyo Latino/a/x

Acompañanos en el cuarto Festival del Orgullo LGBTQ Latino! Ven celebrar el orgullo de la comunidad Gay, Lesbiana, Bi, Trans Latina.


Event: Xafladii Kibirka ee 4aad ee Seattle Latinx

Date: Sabtida, Juun 16, 2022

Time: 5:00 galabnimo -10:00 galabnimo

Location: Plaza Roberto Maestras, 1650 S Roberto Maestas Festival Street, Seattle WA 98144

Ogosto 13: Habeenka Filimka ee El Centro! Noche de Pelicula!

El Centro de la Raza waxay rajaynaysaa suuqeena bilaha ah si aan u taageerno meheradaha maxaliga ah iyo marti gelinta habeenka filimada!

Macluumaad dheeri ah oo la raacayo markay taariikhdu soo dhawaato xiriirka hoose!

Event: Noche de Pelicula iyo Mercado!

Date: Sabti, Agoosto 13, 2022

Time: 10:00 subaxnimo 8:00 galabnimo

Location: Plaza Roberto Maestras, 1650 S Roberto Maestas Festival Street, Seattle WA 98144

Oktoobar 8: Hayso tigidhadaada Galati Sannadguurada 5aad ee Gala hadda!

Dabaaldegga 50 sano ee guusha El Centro de la Raza nagula dabbaaldegga sannadlaha ah Dhismaha Bandhigga Bulshada la jecel yahay ee Oktoobar 8-deeda, 2022. Sharaf bay ahayd inaan ku bixinno nus-qarnigii u dambeeyay inaan u hurno shaqadeenna si aan ugu adeegno bulshadeena, waxaanan haysanaa sidaas dad badan oo aan u mahadcelineyno. Waxaan rabnaa inaan u hibeyno sannad-guurada muhiimka ah:

  • Hormoodka isbeddelka bulsheed, oo ay ku jiraan u doodayaasha midnimada isir-kala-duwaan, adhijirrada dhaqdhaqaaqyada ka-hortagga dagaalka, bulshooyinka caqiidada maxalliga ah, tabaruceyaasha, iyo dhaqdhaqaaqayaasha
  • Dadkii markii hore ku qabsaday dugsigii hore ee Beacon Hill iyagoo ku hadlaya magaca sharafta iyo nolol dhaanta bulshada Latino
  • Taageerayaasheena deeqsinimada leh ee dhammaan qaybaha kala duwan ee bulshada, kuwaas oo noo suurtageliyay in aan sii wadno shaqadeena, laga soo bilaabo 1972 ilaa maanta.

Waa sharaf in aan wali halkan joogno maanta oo aan bixinno adeegyo muhiim ah, fursado nolosha beddela, horumarinta adkeysiga, iyo rajo. Aad ayaan u nasiib badannahay in aanan kaliya sii noolaan, balse aan ku baraarugsaneyno, mahad dhamaanteed waxaa iska leh bulshadeena cajiibka ah ee taageerayaasha, deeq bixiyayaasha, deganayaasha, iyo shaqaalaha.


Nagu soo biir Sabtida, Oktoobar 8, 2022 sannad-guurada 50aad ee Dhisida Bandhiga Bulshada la jecelyahay oo ka qayb qaado dhacdo toos ah oo xiiso leh oo u ururinaysa barnaamijyada iyo adeegyada muhiimka ah ee ay ka faa'iidaysanayaan in ka badan 21,000 qof iyo qoysas ah oo ku kala baahsan gobolkeena. Habeenka sidoo kale waxaa ku jira soo bandhigida Abaalmarinnada Legacy Roberto Felipe Maestas & Deeqaha-waxbarasho. Diiwaangelintu waxay diyaar noqon doontaa dabayaaqada sanadkan.

Fadlan wac (206) 957-4649 ama iimayl Wixii macluumaad dheeraad ah.

Dhacdooyinka soo socda - Meey-June 2022

Dib u kala soocida Wadahadalada

Waxaa laga yaabaa 19, 2022 – Iyadoo laga jawaabayo kobaca xooggan ee Seattle ilaa 2010 ee 21.1%, Guddiga Dib-u-dejinta Seattle waxay hadda baarayaan sidii dib loogu habeyn lahaa xudduudaha Seattle ee todobada degmo ee Golaha Magaalada waxayna ku martiqaadayaan xubnaha bulshada inay wax ka bartaan habka oo ay jawaab-celin ka bixiyaan fagaarayaasha dadweynaha ee soo socda. . Waxay ka fiirsanayaan inay balaariyaan xadadka xuduudaha degmada 1, 2, 5, iyo 6 iyo qandaraas bixinta Degmooyinka 3, 4, iyo 7.

Tani waa fursad aan ku soo bandhigno walaacayada oo aan ku weydiino su'aalo ku saabsan sida dib-u-dejinta u saameyn karto ka-qaybgalka bulshada, xuduudaha juqraafiga, iyo marin-biyoodka.

Waxaan ku martigelin doonaa mid El Centro de la Raza, waxaanan kugu martiqaadi doonaa inaad isdiiwaangeliso oo aad ku biirto qof ahaan ama gabi ahaanba haddii aad awooddo.

Isdiiwaangali kahor at

Golaha Dadweynaha ee Degmada 2: Meey 19, 2022 laga bilaabo 5:30pm-7:30pm
Khamiis, 19-ka Maajo
5: 30 pm - 7: 30 pm
El Centro de la Raza, Xarunta Dhaqanka ee Centilia
1660 S Roberto Maestas Festival St, Seattle, WA 98144
Shakhsi ahaan ama Virtual:

Fanka Maalmaha (Xagaaga) ee leh Farshaxanka Beacon!

Juun 11, Luulyo 9, Agoosto 13, Sebtember 10- Nagu soo biir maalmo qorrax leh oo ay ka buuxaan farshaxan, shirkad wanaagsan, iyo dadka muujinaya jacaylka dhirta iyo fannaaniinta fannaaniinta ee xaafadda Bandhigga Waddooyinka Farshaxanka ee Beacon!

June 11| Julaay 9 | Agoosto 13 | Sebtembar

10:00AM- 4:00PM @ Roberto Maestas Festival Street

Laba toddobaad oo kale si loogu magacaabo Hogaamiye Bulsho Abaalmarinta Legacy Roberto Maestas!

El Centro de la Raza ayaa 50 jirsatay sanadkan! Naga caawi dabaaldega adiga oo magacaabaya qof qabanaya shaqada muhiimka ah ee Cadaalada Bulshada ee bulshadeena Abaalmarinta Legacy Roberto Felipe Maestas. Abaalmarinnada Legacy waa dariiqayada lagu maamuusayo aasaasihii naga dhintay, Roberto Maestas, kaasoo gacan ka geystay abaabulka qabsashadii nabdoon ee 1972 ee dugsiga Beacon Hill ee la dayacay, kaas oo markii dambe noqday El Centro de la Raza sida aan maanta u naqaanno. Roberto Maestas noloshiisii ​​waxay u heellan tahay in lagu dhiso "Beloved Community" iyada oo loo marayo midnimada jinsiyadaha badan. Waxa uu si qoto dheer u rumaysnaa in faqriga, cunsuriyadda iyo sinnaan la'aanta bulshada la ciribtiri karo oo keliya haddii dadka jinsiyad kasta iyo asal ahaan ay isu yimaadaan si ay taas u sameeyaan.

Abaalmarinta Legacy Abaalmarinta 12-aad ee Roberto Felipe Maestas waxay aqoonsan doontaa laba qof oo tusaale u soo qaatay. Dhisidda Bulshada Jecel iyada oo loo marayo midnimada jinsiyadaha badan iyo ka shaqaynta baabi'inta faqriga, cunsuriyadda iyo sinnaan la'aanta bulshada. Waxaan ku dhiirigelinaynaa dadka dhammaan jinsiyadaha, qowmiyadaha, da'da, iyo aqoonsiga jinsiga inay codsadaan abaalmarintan. 
El Centro de la Raza waxay u dabaaldegi doontaa abaal-marinayaasha iyo tabarucaadkooda iyagoo ku samaynaya $1,000 hadyad magacooda ku jira urur ay doorteen. Kuwa abaalmarinta qaata waxaa lagu aqoonsan doonaa El Centro de la Raza's 50th Anniversary Building the Beloved Community Gala, kaas oo lagu wado inuu dhaco Sabtida, Oktoobar 8, 2022.
Codsadayaasha Abaalmarinta Legacy waxay iskood isu magacaabi karaan ama waxaa magacaabi kara qof kale. Qaatayaasha waxa laga codsanayaa inay ka soo qayb galaan Dhismaha El Centro de la Raza ee Gala Beesha la jecel yahay.
Deadline Soo gudbinta arjigu waa Talaadada, Meey 31, 2022 saacada 5:00pm wakhtiga Baasifiga. 

Fadlan u magacaw naftaada ama qof aad maanta ku taqaanid qaabkayaga.

Akhriso waxayaga 2021 mudane, Dr. Estell Williams iyo Edwin Lindo

Caafimaadka iyo guusha El Centro de la Raza adiga ayuu kaa bilaabmaa. Taageero ka timaada saldhig ballaadhan oo xubnaha bulshada ah oo ay ku jiraan aasaaska, shakhsiyaadka, iyo shirkaduhu waxay muhiim u yihiin guushayada waxaanan kaa codsanaynaa inaad si taxaddar leh uga fiirsato samaynta hadiyad shaqsi ahaan macno leh - waxay noqon kartaa hadiyadda ugu weyn ee aad abid samaysay.

Sawirro laga soo qaaday Dhacdooyinkii u dambeeyay

Markii ugu horeysay tan iyo 2019, waxaan awoodnay inaan kula dabaaldegno dhaqankeena mar labaad qof ahaan! Waad ku mahadsan tahay qof kasta oo ka soo qayb galay in kasta oo ay cimiladu qabowdahay si ay u dheesho, u ciyaaraan, oo ay u taageeraan fanaaniinta maxalliga ah iyo iibiyeyaasha!

Fadlan nagu raac Facebook iyo Instagram si aad u hesho daboolid badan oo ku saabsan dhacdooyinkayada, oo ay ku jiraan sawirada iyo fiidiyowyada dhacdooyinkayada:

Facebook | Instagram | Dhacdadeena Fox 13!

May 2022 - Cuentos oo ka yimid Shaqadeena

Hal-abuurayaasha Walaasha ee Waxbarashada, Macallin Mari iyo Macallin Titi

Inta u dhaxaysa labada walaalo, Macallin Mari Rico iyo Macallimiinta Martha Diaz waxay ku dhawaad ​​nus qarni ku leeyihiin El Centro de La Raza! Ma aha oo kaliya in shaqadoodu ay qaabaysay jiilal kala duwan oo bulshadeena ah, waxay sii wadaan qaabaynta muuqaalka horumarka ilmaha hore iyaga oo hormood u ah barnaamijyada iyo farsamooyinka federaalku aqoonsan yahay ee ku jira laba luuqadood, kobciya dareenka lahaanshaha, iyo kobcinta ballanqaadyada nolosha oo dhan ee caddaaladda bulshada ee horumarinta carruurnimada hore.

2022 waxay u dhigantaa sannadkii 25aad ee Macallin Mari ee El Centro de la Raza, halkaas oo ay kormeerto Barnaamijka Dugsiga Kadib ee Luis Alfonso Velasquez. Macallimiinta Martha, waxay gelaysaa sannadkii 23aad ee Xarunta Horumarinta Carruurta ee Jose Marti!

Macallin Mari Rico

Intii ay si buuxda u shaqaynaysay, Mari waxa ay heshay shahaadada Isku-xidhaha Horumarinta Ilmaha ee Seattle Central Community College, iyo iyada (AAAS) Associate in Applied Arts and Sciences ee takhasuska u leh Waxbarashada Laba-luqad/Laba-dhaqan ee Kuliyada Beesha Shoreline. Kadib waxay dhamaysatay shahaadada koowaad ee fanka ee horumarinta aadanaha iyo waxbarashada Machadka Praxis, iyo Bachelor of Arts in Education iyo Master Degree oo ay ka qaadatay Kulliyada Goddard.

Iyada oo ay ilaalinayso Mari, Barnaamijka Dugsiga Kadib ee Luis Alfonso Velásquez waxa uu aqoonsi ka helay Ururka Qaran ee Dugsiga Kadib 2008. 2018, Dugsiga Kabaxsan Washington loo aqoonsaday Mari iyada oo la siinayo Abaalmarinta Champion-ka. Maadaama ay STARS tahay tababaraha gobolku ansixiyay iyo tababaraha Waxbarashada Carruurnimada Hore, waxay sidoo kale ku tababartaa macallimiinta kale ee goobta.

Mar la weydiiyey sida ay wax u dhigto oo ay waqti u hesho si ay wax u barato, wax ugu soo kordhiso, ugana qayb-qaadato goobteeda, waxay sheegtay in ay u fududaynayso shaqadeeda. Barashada xirfad ahaan si joogto ah ayay u horumaraysaa; Wax walba laga bilaabo alaabta lagu ciyaaro ilaa teknooloojiyada si joogto ah ayay isu bedelayaan, ka hor-istaagidda qalooca waa muhiim in lala kulmo ardayda halka ay joogaan.

Fasalada El Centro de la Raza waxay abuuraan dareen qoys, oo ay ku jiraan dareenka mas'uuliyadda iyo noqoshada wakiillada xoojinta bulshada. Sababtan awgeed, carruurta ku jirta barnaamijkeeda waxay inta badan ka qaybqaataan socod iyo dhiirigelinta ka qaybgalka bulshada ee qoysaskooda.

Mid ka mid ah qaybaha ugu faa'iidada badan ee barnaamijka Mari waa in la arko ardaydii soo laabatay, kuwaas oo mararka qaarkood la diiwaan geliyey intay da'doodu ka yar tahay koowad! Ardaydu waxay ku soo noqdeen shaqada waxayna si mutadawacnimo ah ugu soo baxeen El Centro, waxayna ku casuumeen qalinjabintooda, qaarna xataa waxay u keeneen caruurtooda si ay ula kulmaan.

Macalimad Martha Diaz

Martha Diaz sidoo kale waa hormuudka waxbarashada laba-luqadlaha ee heer qaran iyo heer caalami ee waxbarashada carruurnimada hore.

Martha, hal-abuurka iyo farshaxanku waxay lagama maarmaan u yihiin waxbaridda-gaar ahaan marka ay timaaddo barida arrimo aad u adag oo ku saabsan caddaaladda bulshada iyo ka-qaybgalka. Fasalka dhexdiisa, waxay isticmaashaa gabayo, muusig, iyo dhammaan qaybaha fanka muuqaalka, oo ay ku jiraan beddelidda qurxin si ay u xoojiso qorshayaasha casharrada. Ardeyda waxaa lagu martiqaadayaa in ay la yimaadaan agabka dhaqanka gurigooda si ay u baraan qaddarinta dhaqamada kale.

Laba-luqaduhu waa sida lama huraanka u ah Ingiriisi hooyo ama Isbaanishka ku hadla gudaha fasaladayada, carruurtana waxaa la baraa in dhammaan luqadaha ay qiimo isku mid ah leeyihiin. Runtii waa deegaan gaar ah, gaar ahaan carruurta midabka leh, oo xoojisa kalsoonidooda oo siisa Martha dareen qoto dheer oo ay uga go'an tahay fasalladeeda El Centro de la Raza.

Fasalka preschool ee Martha Diaz ayaa tusaale u ah Soy Bilingüe soo dhawaada oo qaabila booqdayaasha dalka iyo caalamka oo dhan. Fasalkeeda, Martha waxay fulisaa xeelado waxbarasho oo ka socda Iskaashatada Waxbarashada Hore ee Seattle (SEEC), Carruurnimada Hore iyo Barnaamijka Caawinta (ECEAP), iyo Manhajka Hal-abuurka iyo sidoo kale ilaalinta heerarka aqoonsiga Ururka Qaranka ee Waxbarashada Carruurta Yaryar (NAYEC) . Iyada oo qayb ka ah waxbarashadeeda qalin-jabinta ee Kulliyada Goddard, Ms. Diaz waxay abuurtay muuqaal 100-da dhibcood ah. Soy Bilingüe Qalabka Qiimaynta Preschool, iyada oo ku kasbanaysa MA-da Waxbarashada Labada Luuqadood ee ECE. Martha waa bare aan caadi ahayn, hal-abuur leh, oo damiir leh bare iyo bartayaal. Iyadoo ku dhawaad ​​​​saddex iyo labaatan sano oo waayo-aragnimo ah El Centro de la Raza's José Martí Development Center, waxay ku guulaysatey natiijooyin cajiib ah carruurta afkooda iyo horumarinta wax akhrinta, horumarinta shucuurta-bulsheed, iyo ka-hortagga karti-xirfadeedkooda iyo dhaqankooda.

Mar wax laga weydiiyey sida ay tahay in ay la shaqeeyaan walaalkood, labaduba waxay sheegeen in ay si weyn ugu mahadcelinayaan. Waxay leeyihiin daacadnimo aan la qiyaasi karin oo ay wadaagaan walaalaha dhaleecayn wax dhisaysa, waxayna ku raaxaystaan ​​isbarbardhigga qoraallada hababka ugu dambeeyay ee ka caawiya inay keenaan horumarradii ugu cusbaa ee fasalladooda. Ardeydayada oo ay weheliyaan ardaydeena, waxaanu ku celcelinaynaa mahadnaqa aanu u hayno hal-abuurka nololeed ee wax ka beddelaya ee ay u keenayaan dhinaca waxbarashada iyo jiilalka mustaqbalka ee bulshadeena u iman doona.

Wicitaan horseeday Guriyeynta, Shaqada, Xannaanada maalinta iyo qaar kale oo hal qoys ah

Marka qoyska lagu qoro barnaamijyadeena, Susan Banhegyi shaqadeedu waxay bilaabmaysaa. Maadaama ay tahay Navigator-kayaga Qoyska, waxay mid-ka-mid ula kulantaa waalidiinta iyo daryeelayaasha si ay u barato waalidiinta iyo daryeelayaasha oo ay uga caawiso inay dhex maraan adeegyada jira ee Degmada King, oo ay abuurto xidhiidh diiran oo u dhexeeya ka qaybgalayaashayada iyo bixiyeyaasha kale ee adeega luuqad ahaan iyo dhaqan ahaan. ku habboon.

Bishii Abriil, Susan waxa soo wacay ka qaybgale dhibaato ka haysatay helitaanka guriyaynta. Iyada iyo gabadheeda yar, oo qaba xanuunka hoos u dhaca, waxay ku noolaayeen guri guurguura oo qabyo ah oo ay ka buuxaan daadad, mulkiiluhuna wuxuu ka codsaday inay baxaan dhamaadka bisha. In kasta oo ay codsatay guryo dabaqyo ah oo dhowr ah, looma oggolaanin sababtoo ah taariikh-dayn la'aanteeda. Intaa waxaa dheer, iyadu ma haysan caddayn dakhli maadaama lagu bixin jiray lacag caddaan ah.

Afar maalmood gudahood kadib markii aan la xiriirnay Susan waxay ku xirtay ka qaybgalaha lammaaneheena Seamar, hooyada iyo gabadheeda ayaa loo oggolaaday guriyeynta. Isla mar ahaantaana, Susan waxay kala shaqeysay iyada si ay u codsato Dakhliga Nabadgelyada Dheeraadka ah, Xannaanada Caruurta oo sugan, iyo shaqo.

Talaabooyinka xiga? Susan waxa ay ka caawinaysaa ka qaybqaataha in uu ku xidhmo adeegyada sharciga si uu uga taageero waraaqaha socdaalka iyo adeegyada la talinta.

Hooyo keligeed ah lafteedu, Susan waxa si joogto ah u dhiirigeliya ka-qaybgalayaasheeda adkeysigooda iyo waxtarkooda. Waxay ku adkaysanaysaa, "Mar walba waxaan la yaabay sida hooyooyinka kelidood ahi u maareeyaan inay u fiicnaadaan xitaa marka ay dhibaato kasta ku dhacdo." Waxay awoodaa in ay la kulanto macaamiisheeda halka ay heer shakhsi ah joogaan; Hooyo keligeed ah, waxay nafteeda galisay dugsiga iyadoo si buuxda u shaqaynaysa.

Shaqadeeda, waxay ka caawinaysaa bulshadeena inay wax ka qabato hoy la'aanta iyadoo la shaqaynaysa hal qoys markiiba si loo helo guri ammaan ah.

Bishii Abriil, Susan waxay samaysay 54 tixraac oo sidan oo kale ah waxayna sii waddaa inay dhisto xidhiidhada la-hawlgalayaasha dibadda si ay u bixiyaan xalal dhamaystiran si ay u caawiyaan qoysaska ma noolaan oo keliya, laakiin heer sare ah.

Lacag degdeg ah la'aanteed, qoysasku waxay halis ugu jiraan inay noqdaan guri la'aan, gaajo ama xanuunsadaan. Haddii aad awoodo fadlan ka fikir inaad wax ku tabarucdo!

Ku xidhida Muwaadiniinteena Waayeelka ah Katie Yuen

Katie Yuen

Waqti uu qiimaha maciishada Seattle cirka isku shareeray, waayeelka bulshadeena ee dakhligoodu go'an yahay ayaa la kulmay xitaa go'doon qoto dheer iyo doorashooyin adag inta lagu jiro cudurka faafa. Iyadoo laga jawaabayo, Xiriiriyaha Bulshada, Katie Yuen, waxay la shaqeysay waayeelka si ay ugu xirto bangigayada cuntada iyo barnaamijyada iyo faa'iidooyinka dadweynaha iyo adeegyada dibadda si loo hubiyo in waayeelkayadu aysan dooranin inta u dhaxaysa bixinta guryaha, daryeelka caafimaadka, tamarta iyo cuntada. Iyadoo lagu sharfayo shaqadeeda iyo bishan u dabbaaldegga bulshada gabowga, waxaan wadaagnaa sheekada Ms. Lew.

Ms Lew waa qof sare oo hawlgab ah oo muddo dheer degganaa Beacon Hill. Tan iyo markii ninkeedu uu dhintay sanado badan ka hor, Ms. Lew waxay ku noolayd kaligeed waxayna ku tiirsan tahay ceyrta ceymiska bulshada. Ilaa cudurka faafa, tani waa ku filan tahay, laakiin sida qiimaha wax walba u kordhay, faa'iidooyinkeeda ma daboosho kharashaadkeeda waxayna u baahatay gargaar cunto.

In kasta oo ay xaaladdu adag tahay, waxay la soo xidhiidhay El Centro de la Raza waxayna isla markiiba is dejisay markii ay la kulantay Katie, oo awood u leh inay kula hadasho iyada oo ku sugan waddankeeda Cantonese. Katie waxa ay si qoto dheer ula xidhiidhaa waaya-aragnimada waayeelka soogalootiga ah ee ku jira daryeelkeeda heer shakhsi ahaaneed. Waxay xasuusataa markii waalidkeed ay dhawaan u soo haajireen shaqaale bulsho oo aan faa'iido doon ahayn inay beddeleen noloshooda iyagoo ka caawinaya inay ku dhex maraan nidaamka dheefaha dadweynaha ee afkooda. Waayo-aragnimadani waxay beddeshay nolosha qoyskeeda, waxayna ku dhiirigelisay shaqadeeda El Centro de la Raza shan sano hadda!

Katie waxay ka caawisay Ms. Lew inay codsato barnaamijka Fresh Bucks ee cuntada waxayna soo bandhigtay shaqaalaha El Centro de la Raza iyo Bangiga Cuntada. Hadda waxay rajaynaysaa inay timaado Bangiga Cunnada ee el Centro si ay sidoo kale ugu xidho bulshada afkeeda - Isku-duwaha Bangiga Cunnada ayaa sidoo kale ku hadla luqadeeda!

Lixdii bilood ee la soo dhaafay, Katie waxa ay in ka badan 95 oday ka caawisay codsiyada waxtarka guud waxayna ka caawisay inay dareemaan inay guri ku leeyihiin El Centro de la Raza.

Si aad u taageerto shaqada sida Katie's oo kale, fadlan ka fiirso inaad nagu deeqdo ama nala tabarucdo!

Cuentos laga bilaabo Shaqadeena - Abriil 2022

Jimena waxay ku jirtaa safka hore ee midig iyadoo ay weheliso guulaystayaashayada kale!

Ku guuleysiga Farshaxanka & Caafimaadka Qunsuliyadda Mexico!

Aad baan ugu hanweynahay Jimena Rico-Diaz maaskarada quruxda badan ee ay ugu talagashay tartan midabaynta waji-xidhka oo ay martigelisay Qunsuliyadda Mexico si ay u muujiso caafimaadka iyo badbaadada!

Waxay ku guulaysatay kaalinta saddexaad waxaana la siiyay afar tigidh oo loogu talagalay Beerta Xayawaanka ee Woodland iyo afar tigidh oo loogu talagalay Aquarium-ka Seattle.

Laba arday oo kale oo ka socda El Centro de la Raza ayaa sidoo kale helay xushmo sharafeed hal abuurkooda.

Aad ayaan ugu hanweynahay shaqadooda waxaanan ku faraxsanahay inaan la shaqayno ururada sida Qunsuliyada Mexico ee dhiirigeliya hal-abuurka iyo caafimaadka inay ku koraan bulshada dhexdeeda! 

Dhacdada Jarida Bulshada ee Waddada Federaalka

Annaga oo la kaashanayna habka Federaalka, waxaan awoodnay inaan leexino 1.6 Tan oo qashinka waraaqaha sirta ah ka soo qashin qubka!

Marka loo eego macnaha guud, taasi waxay u dhigantaa miisaanka Toyota Corolla ama hippo qof weyn! 

Waraaqaha qaar ma ku ururinayeen macluumaadka xasaasiga ah ee qoyskaaga?

Raac oo la wadaag wixii ku soo kordha halkan dhacdooyinka mustaqbalka: Dhacdooyinka Bulshada oo lakala jaray | Gobolka Washington

Ku biir Bulshada! May 2022

March nala soco maalinta Maajo 2022!

May 1st -Maalinta May waa maalin la isugu yimaado oo la maro si loo taageero soogalootiga iyo shaqaalaha! Waxaan ku biiri doonaa ciidamada El Comite, MLK Labor, UFCW 3000 Union, Bayan Seattle, Golaha Shaqaalaha Gobolka Washington, Puget Sound Advocates for Retirement Action.

Sunday, May 1, 2022
Judkins Park 
Kaalinta 20aad S & S Waddada Dearborn

Wixii ku soo kordha warkan marka ay dhacdo soo dhawaato, fadlan hubi

Sii Weyn - Waanu kuu baahanahay!

May 3-4, 2022 – Waxaan ku xisaabtamaynaa deeq-bixiyeyaashayada mar kale si aan u gaarno yoolkeena lacag ururinta ee ah $50,000 ee ololaha Bixinta Weyn ee sanadkan!

Barnaamijaynta deeqdaada waa sahlan tahay waxayna bilaaban kartaa hadda! Dhammaan waxaad u baahan tahay inaad sameyso waa iska hubi profile-keena halkan oo aad jadwal u sameyso bixinta deeqaha Deeq Big!

Mahadsanid! El Centro de la Raza | Washington Gives (

Dabaaldegyadii Cinco de Mayo ayaa soo noqday!

May 3-4, 2022 – Aad baanu ugu faraxsanahay inaanu ku casuunno Bulshada la jecel yahay inay nagu soo biiraan si aanu ula dabaal dagno dhaqankeena dhacdo cajiib ah oo dibadda ah oo ka dhacaysa Plaza!

Acompáñenos con su familia a celebrar nuestra cultura en nuestro gran Evento! Tendremos variedades de deliciosa comida, ¡música y muchas sorpresas de entretenimiento! Los esperamos!

Celebra Nuestra Cultura!
Sabti, May 7
10: 30 AM - 4: 30 Maqaalka
Plaza Roberto Maestas
1660 S Roberto Maestas Festival St, Seattle, WA 98144

Is diwaangeli oo ku martiqaad asxaabtaada!

Fanka Maalmaha (Xagaaga) ee leh Farshaxanka Beacon!

May 14, June 11, July 9, Aug 13, Sebt 10Nagu soo biir maalmo qorrax leh oo ay ka buuxaan farshaxan, shirkad wanaagsan, iyo dadka muujinaya jacaylka dhirta iyo fannaaniinta fannaaniinta ee xaafadda ee Bandhigyada Waddooyinka Farshaxanka ee Beacon!

May 14 | June 11| Julaay 9 | Agoosto 13 | Sebtembar 10:00AM- 4:00PM @ Roberto Maestas Festival Street

Laga soo bilaabo Nicaragua ilaa Safaaradda Guatemala

"Waxaan siinayaa toban," ayay tiri Fatima Trana de Flores, markii la weydiiyay sida ay muhiim ugu tahay El Centro de La Raza bulshada Hispanic.   

Asal ahaan oo aad ugu han weyn Nicaragua, Fatima Trana de Flores waxay ku faraxsanayd inay la wadaagto sheekadeeda ku saabsan sida El Centro de La Raza u caawisay waraysigeeda iyo inay shaqo ka hesho Safaaradda Guatemala. 

Sida sheekooyin badan oo socdaalka, waxay ku qaadatay dhowr sano oo ay kala maqnaayeen ninkeeda, maadaama uu ka shaqeeyay Mareykanka dhowr sano ka hor intaysan ku biirin isaga. Markii ay timi, waxay qaadatay wakhti ay la qabsato cimilada, cunnada, dhaqamada kala duwan, laakiin tan ugu adag waxay ahayd caqabad xagga luqadda ah.  

Markii ay u sheegtay maareeyaheedii kheyraadka aadanaha halkaas oo ay ka shaqeysay inay rabto inay si xirfad leh u koro, waxay u gudbiyeen El Centro de La Raza si ay u hesho fursado tababar oo loogu talagalay dadka ku hadla Isbaanishka. In kasta oo ay ka soo shaqeysay Nicaragua, haddana waxay xaqiiqdii qaddarisay awoodda ay u leedahay inay dib u soo celiso xirfado shaqo oo dhowr ah oo aysan in muddo ah isticmaalin. 

Iyada oo loo marayo El Centro de La Raza, waxay awooday inay horumariso shaqadeeda shaqo, horumariso xirfadaheeda xafiis, ku celceliso waraysiga shaqada, oo ay ku hesho taam fiican markay ka qaybgasho carwooyinka shaqada.  

Taladeeda? Had iyo jeer wax u baro si aad u wanaajiso naftaada shaqaale ahaan iyo qof ahaanba. Waxay ku dhiirigelisay dadka inay wax bartaan oo ay helaan habab ay hadhuudhkooda uga qayb qaadan karaan dhaqaalaha iyo horumarka dalkan.   

Faadumo waxa ay sheegtay in tillaabooyinka xiga ay ka mid yihiin ku celcelinta Ingiriisida maalin kasta, aakhirkana, waxa ay rajaynaysaa in ay shaqo ka hesho difaaca xuquuqda aadanaha hay'ad aan faa'iido doon ahayn ama dawladeed oo ay wax ka qabato xadgudubyada jinsiga, gaar ahaan. Waxaan rajeyneynaa inaan sii wadno inaan aragno iyada oo koraysa oo dhiirigelinaysa! 

Caafimaadka iyo guusha El Centro de la Raza adiga ayuu kaa bilaabmaa. Taageero ka timaada saldhig ballaadhan oo xubnaha bulshada ah oo ay ku jiraan aasaaska, shakhsiyaadka, iyo shirkaduhu waxay muhiim u yihiin guushayada waxaanan kaa codsanaynaa inaad si taxaddar leh uga fiirsato samaynta hadiyad shaqsi ahaan macno leh - waxay noqon kartaa hadiyadda ugu weyn ee aad abid samaysay.

Sare u qaadida qoys ahaan

Ruuxa Ganacsiga ee Monroys

La kulan Adriana Monroy, tusaale qof ku geliya nolosheeda oo dhan (iyo qoyskeeda) ruux ganacsi!

Asal ahaan waxay ka yimaadeen Mexico, Adriana iyo shanteeda carruur ah waxay u guureen Washington ka dib toddoba iyo toban sano oo ay joogeen Michigan. Waxay heshay El Centro de La Raza wax yar ka dib waxay ku hawlan tahay barnaamijyo dhowr ah, oo ay ku jiraan, Bebes Hope, Alma, Unidos iyo Maaliyadda, iyo annaga Barnaamijka Horumarinta Ciidanka Shaqada. Wax yar ka dib markii ay awood u yeelatay nafteeda aqoonta dhinacyo kala duwan, waxay rabtay inay la wadaagto bulshadeeda iyo qoyskeeda. Isla markiiba waxay soo bandhigtay wiilkeeda, Job Monroy, El Centro de la Raza.

Markay sare u kacday masiibada sanadka 2021, Job Monroy wuu qalin jabiyay. Waxa uu go'aansaday in uu qaato sanad farqiga u dhexeeya oo uu sannadka ka faa'iidaysto si uu u barto xirfad u oggolaanaysa inuu iska bixiyo jaamacadda. Waxa uu sahamiyey fadhi xog-barashada barnaamijka ka hor oo aanu martigelinay, oo aanu ka baranay fursadaha ka jira badda, hawada, iyo warshadaha dhismaha.

Inta lagu jiro kalfadhigan, wuxuu doortay inuu sii qoto dheereeyo sahaminta warshadaha dhismaha oo uu ku xidho Barnaamijka Tababarka Tababarka Ka Hor (PACT) ee Kulliyadaha Seattle iyo Barnaamijka ANEW. Wixii markaas ka dambeeyay, waxa la aqbalay ANEW's 12-toddobaad ee barnaamij-barashada ka hor ee bilaashka ah.

Ayuub wuu ku faraxsan yahay inuu bilaabo oo uu barto ganacsi cusub! Waxaan jecelnahay inaan aragno qoysas ka wada horumaray dhinacyo badan!

Caafimaadka iyo guusha El Centro de la Raza adiga ayuu kaa bilaabmaa. Taageero ka timaada saldhig ballaadhan oo xubnaha bulshada ah oo ay ku jiraan aasaaska, shakhsiyaadka, iyo shirkaduhu waxay muhiim u yihiin guushayada waxaanan kaa codsanaynaa inaad si taxaddar leh uga fiirsato samaynta hadiyad shaqsi ahaan macno leh - waxay noqon kartaa hadiyadda ugu weyn ee aad abid samaysay.