Staff corner: October 2023

In the true spirit of community, El Centro de la Raza has opened its doors and welcomed several dedicated volunteer groups into our fold over the past few months. These volunteers, hailing from various backgrounds and walks of life, have become the lifeblood of our organization, each playing a crucial and irreplaceable role in advancing our mission.

We find ourselves profoundly grateful for the incredible synergy that has emerged from the collaboration between our dedicated staff and these remarkable volunteers. Their unwavering commitment and tireless efforts have been nothing short of inspiring. Together, they have woven a tapestry of impact that reaches far and wide, touching the lives of individuals and families within our community.

(Starbuck’ Latinx Partner Network, Hora de Café make paper flowers decorations for our ‘Building the Beloved Community Gala’.)

Our volunteers are not mere helpers; they are the embodiment of our shared values and aspirations. Through their selfless contributions, they have enabled us to expand our reach, offer essential services, and strengthen the bonds that tie our community together. Their work is a testament to the belief that real change happens when we unite and work together with a common purpose.

(Emerging Leaders 365 | United Way of King County reached out to over a hundred past attendees, paving the way for our upcoming ‘Building the Beloved Community Gala’.)

Thank you for being a part of this journey, and for your unwavering support of El Centro de la Raza.

With heartfelt appreciation,

El Centro de la Raza