Struggling Parent Finds Hope Amid COVID

Last year, the Molina Segura* family enrolled in our Parents As Teachers program. Throughout the program, both parents were involved in the developmental growth of their daughter, Susana*. They were thrilled to see Susana’s growing independence, autonomy, and confidence.

Then the pandemic hit.

Both parents were out of work, and they struggled to find ways to improve their situation. Our program staff (known as Parent Educators) provided them with resource assistance through the Parents As Teachers program, such as our food bank, financial empowerment, ESL classes, and tax help. The father accepted temporary jobs during the quarantine, but the hours were limited. He began taking online courses to improve his English and earn his GED.

In June, the Parent Educators helped prepare him for a job interview, and he was hired as a paint technician! Susana is now two-years-old and has exceeded the developmental milestones for her age, including motor, social-emotional, language, and cognitive areas. She wants to do things for herself, and her mother encourages her along the way.

*Name has been changed.