Support Domestic Workers Bill of Rights Proposed Legislation

Domestic workers play a critical role in Washington State’s economy. They are mistreated in the sense that they lack legal protection for their employers. In short, they have no basic workers’ rights. Domestic workers, such as nannies and housecleaners, are largely women and people of color. The current law is such that they do not qualify for overtime pay and disproportionately experience workplace harassment and discrimination.

Thanks to OneAmerica’s leadership, other community-based organizations are supporting a proposed statewide bill named Domestic Workers Bill of Rights in this legislative session. They are leading the efforts to address economic inequities for the benefit of our communities. We hope you join us in ensuring that all domestic workers are:

  • Paid at least the minimum wage of Washington State.
  • Guaranteed overtime pay for more than 40 hours of work a week.
  • Entitled to rest and meal breaks, or pay (if breaks must be missed).
  • Protected against employers from confiscating personal documents, such as passports.
  • Neither discriminated against nor harassed.
  • Legally eligible to fight wage theft, harassment, and abuse.

If you believe that all workers, domestic workers included, are entitled to fair wages and basic work protections, please contact your legislators and let them know that you think so. Domestic workers and we need your support to pass this bill. You do not need to be a worker or employer to support this significant proposed legislation.

To take action in support of the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights bill, click here to submit a letter. Enter your contact information and address so that when you proceed onto the next page, the system will recognize in which district you live. This part is important because legislators advocate only for constituents who live in their district. If you would like to include additional commentary into the auto-generated letter, type it directly into the designated box. When you are ready to submit your letter, click the button and the system will automatically forward your letter of support to your legislators.

To call your legislative representatives, verify who represents you based on your geographical area by visiting this link. Enter the required fields with your information and click “Find my District.” A list of elected officials’ names should appear on the screen. These representatives are responsible for advocating in support of your interests and concerns. When you click on each representative’s name, a separate tab will open in the same window of your browser. Navigate to the corresponding tab for your representative’s numbers. When you call, let them know that you want them to vote in support of the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights.

Mil gracias in advance!