Support the Passage of the HEAL Act

The disproportionate weight of the worst pollution impacts falls onto the shoulders of many affected communities statewide. This HEAL Act (SB 5489 | HB 2009) serves as the starting point for establishing a healthy environment for all. Let your representatives know how important it is to:

  • Establish a definition of environmental justice;
  • Entrust agencies to address health disparities; and,
  • Create a task force to recommend how environmental justice principles should be applied through agencies’ decision-making processes.

You can contact your representatives by clicking here to find which district you live in. Your district number and legislators’ names will then appear. Feel free to use this sample call script and email template to guide you through the process. Some of your representatives may sit on the Senate Ways & Means Committee. Contacting them first is the highest priority. Click here to see the list of members for you to contact.

In addition to contacting your representatives, there are many other ways to take action: