Take Action: JANUARY 2024

Voting is a fundamental right that allows you to influence decisions on issues that matter to you. Registering to vote ensures your voice is part of the democratic process, shaping the future from local policies to national leadership.

Join The Question of Palestine and the Evolution of Solidarity and Resistance in the U.S., a talk and discussion featuring Karam Dana, Alyson McGregor Distinguished Professor of Excellence and Transformative Reasearch University of Washington – Bothell, as part of their War in the Middle East Lecture Series. UW Seattle on January 30th, 2024. Starting @ 5PM. Registration /RSVP Not required. You can just show up. Location: University of Washington in the HUB: 211B-South Ballroom. Facebook Link here!


We’re reaching out to you because we believe in the power of community and the importance of affordable housing for everyone. Right now, there’s a fantastic opportunity for us to make a positive impact by supporting SB 6191!

SB 6191 is a crucial initiative that aims to establish a permanent fund for the State Housing Trust Fund, which includes support for Farmworker Housing. This fund plays a vital role in financing affordable housing projects, making it possible for communities like El Centro de la Raza to create spaces like Plaza Roberto Maestas and the Four Amigos development in Columbia City.

This week the Senate version of the Affordable Homes Act, SB 6191 by Senator Frame, will be heard in Ways & Means. Please take a moment and help us show vigorous support for the senate bill as well.

As a reminder, both bills enact progressive policy that provides predictable, sustainable funding for state housing programs by:

· Creating a permanent fund source for the state Housing Trust Fund, including farmworker housing.

· Investing in permanent supportive housing (PSH) construction.

· Investing in operations, maintenance & services for affordable housing, including PSH.

· Establishing robust housing programs serving populations with developmental disabilities.

The senate bill has received support from 17 co-sponsors, and it will be heard Thursday, January 25th at 4pm in Senate Ways & Means.

Please take the following specific actions now:

  1. Sign in Pro today to support the bill in advance of the 4:00pm Ways & Means hearing on January 25th.  Follow this link CSI (wa.gov) to sign-in and state your Pro position on the bill.
  1. Activate your networks today to sign-in Pro before the hearing. Opposition to this bill will be fierce. It is critical the bill is well supported with Pro sign-ins, as soon as possible.

Housing is a basic need. Like food, water, and air, people need it to survive. When people have the opportunity to get back into housing and have a decent, affordable place to live, they can stabilize and thrive.

The lack of housing affordability and related instances of homelessness affect every community in Washington state. And over the next 20 years, will need over 1 million more units to accommodate a growing population. Over half of those homes need to be at 50% of the Area Median Income (AMI) or below.

We must act now, or the housing affordability problem will only get worse and more expensive. Recent state investments in housing have laid the foundation for success. But those historic efforts to create statewide solutions for homelessness and housing must be sustained and expanded to ensure that everyone in our state has a safe and affordable place to live.