Take Action: March 2024

Stay Informed: Mayor Harrell’s release of Draft One of the Seattle Comprehensive Plan marks a significant step forward in addressing the city’s housing challenges. With a focus on expanding housing opportunities across all neighborhoods, the plan signals a commitment to creating a more inclusive and accessible city for all residents.

The comprehensive plan outlines ambitious goals and strategies to address the pressing housing needs of Seattleites. By promoting equitable development and prioritizing affordability, the plan aims to ensure that every resident has access to safe, stable, and affordable housing options. Read the plan here.

El Centro de la Raza Programs: Our very own Weatherization and Environmental Justice Program Manager, Ivan Montes, recently spoke with the South Seattle Emerald about the importance of energy navigators for all Washington communities, citing the Beacon Hill program as a prime example.

Montes emphasized the significance of initiatives like the Energy Upgrade Navigator Program, currently under consideration in the Washington State Legislature. If passed, this program would expand the network of individuals, like Montes, who are dedicated to connecting community members statewide with a wider range of home-improvement upgrades.

He highlighted the crucial role of community outreach in simplifying the often complex process of accessing rebates and assistance. According to Montes, effective community engagement can bridge the gap between well-intentioned government policies and their real-life impact on people’s lives.

For more more insights from Ivan Montes and learn about the potential impact of the Energy Upgrade Navigator Program, read the full South Seattle Emerald article here.

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