Teaching Preschool Children about Bias, Diversity, and Social Justice

The teachers at José Martí Child Development Center are explaining what social justice to young children is. While this is a complex subject to navigate for people of all ages, our teachers have prepared diligently to engage in these critical discussions. Some of the strategies they used included talking about differences, deciphering what is fair and not fair, using children’s literature and songs, teaching anti-bias lessons, providing familiar and relatable real-life examples, and encouraging critical thinking to explore solutions. 

Four-year-old Issac responded positively to these activities. He drew a picture of himself holding a sign that said, “Boo Trump, no killing people.” When the teacher asked Issac to share his picture, he said, “I drew this because Trump has soldiers that kill people and he makes bad choices. I know because I hear on the radio and I saw it. I know that.” Our teachers hope these discussions can lead to tolerance and creating a better society. Martha Diaz said, “If I can make a difference in one child, maybe that child can make a difference in our world.” Please support our teachers so that they can continue doing this important work.