Update: Community Police Commission files federal court brief

In November, community leaders held a press conference at El Centro de la Raza to reject the City’s contract with Seattle Police Officer’s Guild, the City’s largest police union. Community groups still believe the City needs to keep its promise of upholding the accountability system made possible by the 2017 Accountability Ordinance. The contract’s detrimental impact could weaken public trust and the progress the City has made under the Consent Decree.

Last week, the Community Police Commission filed a brief to the Federal Court about the City’s contract with the SPOG. One of the CPC’s goals has been to ensure Seattle has a strong police accountability system that meets community standards. It is the only way to make sure the hard work done under the Consent Decree over the past seven years will be protected after court oversight goes away. The new police contract undermines that effort. Click to read CPC’s blog post.