We are Here, We Count! Aqui Estamos, Aqui Contamos!

Starting on March 12, the 2020 Census will be made available to the public, and all households across the United States can complete this once-every-ten-years survey. This critical opportunity allows everyone to say, “We’re here and we count!” Our government relies on Census statistics to determine funding amounts for the next ten years and keep our country running.

The Census is easier than ever to fill out! Every household needs to complete the Census, regardless of citizenship and residency status. This year, households can complete it over the phone, in-person, and online. Your information is safe and secure. There is no citizenship question on the Census, and there is no cost affiliated with filing it out.

If the 2020 Census count is inaccurate, nonprofits, including El Centro de la Raza, stand to lose funding. It is particularly important for Latinos to participate in this year’s Census because they are a historically undercounted group and, thus, largely underrepresented. In fact, Latinos are more likely than non-Latinos not to report their children on the Census forms. This shocking pattern ultimately affects how our 43 programs and services, including our José Martí Child Development Center.

To combat the pattern of undercounting disenfranchised populations, El Centro de la Raza will be offering Census assistance at our Federal Way location. Our staff will be available to help community members with completing their Census survey on a regular schedule (dates to be determined due to the changing circumstances of COVID-19).

If you have any questions regarding the Census or need help filling it out, call Dulce for more information at (206) 957-4605. Our Federal Way office is located at 1607 South 341st Place.