What Self-Sufficiency Means to the Family: Jimena’s Story

Jimena felt initially unsure about her English speaking skills, but progressed through her ESL classes at El Centro de la Raza last quarter. The ESL teacher noticed Jimena’s growing confidence and praised her for being an “excellent student.” Jimena is now so confident that she can go out on her own in the city instead of previously always relying on her husband to be a translator for her.

Recently, she accompanied her son to his doctor’s appointment where she was able to communicate with ease with the doctor in spite of her husband’s absence. She has transitioned to on-site classes this quarter at Seattle Central where is enhancing her English language skills.

Thank you for supporting ESL classes at El Centro de la Raza. If you know anyone who would like to take ESL classes, consider enrolling at our ESL classes. We hold ESL classes every Tuesday night and are currently accepting students. Your support sends the message that everyone, including Jimena, deserves to continue challenging themselves and reach their fullest potential.