Why our Children Sing

Children sing to the elders of El Centro de la Raza’s Senior Program.

Que Canten Los Niños

Que canten los niños, que alcen la voz,
Que hagan al mundo escuchar;
Que unan sus voces y lleguen al sol;
En ellos está la verdad.
Que canten los niños que viven en paz.
Y aquellos que sufren dolor;
Que canten por esos que no cantaran
Porque han apagado su voz…
“Yo canto para que me dejen vivir.”
“Yo canto para que sonría mama.”
“Yo canto por que sea el cielo azul.”
“y yo para que no ensucien el mar.”
“Yo canto para los que no tienen pan.”
“Yo canto para que respeten la flor.”
“Yo canto porque el mundo sea feliz.”
“Yo canto para no escuchar el canon.”


“Yo canto por que sea verde el jardín.”
“Y yo para que no apaguen el sol.”
“Yo canto por el que no sabe escribir.”
“y yo por el que escribe versos de amor.”
“Yo canto para que se escuche mi voz.”
“y yo para ver si les hago pensar.”
“Yo canto porque quiero un mundo feliz.”
“y yo por si alguien me quiere escuchar.”


Google Translation to English:

Let the children sing, let them raise their voices,
That make the world listen;
May they unite their voices and reach the sun;
In them is the truth.
Let the children who live in peace sing
And those who suffer pain;
Sing for those who do not sing
Because they have turned off their voice…
“I sing for them to let me live.”
“I sing so that mom smiles.”
“I sing for it to be the blue sky.”
“And I so that they do not litter the sea.”
“I sing for those who have no bread.”
“I sing to respect the flower.”
“I sing because the world is happy.”
“I sing not to hear the canon.”

Repeat first part…

“I sing for the garden to be green.”
“And I so that they do not extinguish the sun.”
“I sing for the one who can not write.”
“And I for the one who writes verses of Love.”
“I sing for my voice to be heard.”
“And I to see if I make them think.”
“I sing because I want a happy world.”
“And if anyone wants to listen to me.”

The El Viento classroom taught this song to the children in José Martí Childhood Development Center so that they could perform to the elders of our senior program. The children learned a new song to interact and bring joy to the seniors in our program. In doing so, they incorporated what is going on now in our nation.

Carmen Miranda showed the class a picture of the young boy crying for his mother in a cage. She brought out the photo to demonstrate why it was so important for them to sing and raise their voice to the world.

There are many reasons to sing: sing for the children who suffer from the pain of being ripped from their parent’s arms, sing to bring hope, and sing so that people can hear you. The performance and story were impactful, and the children were able to associate their act of singing as a way to fight injustice. In essence, the teachers of El Viento classroom were teaching our next generation how to have a voice when faced with horrible injustices in our society. We don’t need to sit back and do nothing when we see injustice. We can sing; we can use our voice to stand up against injustice.