Yesenia’s Story

We followed up with Yesenia*, a participant from our Youth Job Readiness Training (YJRT) program, to see how her internship is going.

I have been interning at my site remotely, and the experience has been positive. In July alone, I completed 60 hours. On a typical day, I contact program participants by phone and send emails to complete their intake forms or provide training for them. I like my supervisor’s management style and his willingness to help me address any work issues. I also like the people I work with directly.

When I reflect on my time as a YJRT participant, I recognize how the training program has prepared me for my internship. For example, I had learned PowerPoint in school, but through YJRT and my internship, I am applying my PowerPoint knowledge in my work tasks. We also use Excel at my internship, which I am learning.

The YJRT Coordinator, Jeritza, provided invaluable tips on becoming more ready for a job, some of which were tips I have only learned through this training program at El Centro de la Raza. For example, she helped me prepare my first resume. Before that, I had never seen one, so I did not know how to start creating mine. Also, she gave us tips on doing well in an interview and approaching a supervisor about an issue. There is a proper way to do it.

Overall, I have found that my typing speed has increased, and I am more confident in using computers.

*Name has been changed. This interview has been edited for clarity.